Astral projection- when you finally did it what was it that unlocked it?

I know, I’m impatient… I’ve not been trying all that long (a month or so) and only recently opened up to wanting to do it. But for anyone it didn’t just come naturally to… what helped you get there?

I just want to wake up!

Maybe I’m being dumb thinking I will without changing my diet and still eating meat but I’m hoping that’s just a new agey thing and the whole detoxification of them pineal gland - decalcifying it stuff is bollocks?


I’ve been trying for about 6 years now and still struggle. I do it but I don’t have control over it. I don’t know when it’s going to happen and can very seldom control what happens when I get there. What really helps me is guided meditation on YouTube. Unlock Your Life is a good channel. I still eat meat. I’m a carnivore and will always eat meat. Meditation helps a lot too.


I’ve done partial astral and full astral then went on to etheric projection. What I did to reach it? honestly I only practiced 2 weeks and ended up projecting :laughing: I guess because I didn’t think too much on the guides and such that claim it’s hard and my “mentor” was just like “dont expect it to be all clear and mystical” and I was just like okay I guess and did it.
However, my view of the astral changed as I experienced it from then on so.


It just happened for me after taking a nap on a random day. It was brief but intense.

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I fully projected once, and was unvoluntary.

Azazel pulled me out, and walked with me, and gave me my esoteric name, she was wearing a futuristic gray robe, with 69 on It, Skull face, and a flame alternating BLUE to Orange. When i was there i shaped my appeareance, i could create and be any form. I created a church and aliens. And i went to other dimensions too and find aliens and others spirits.

Beside this experience i had lucid dreams/partial projection


Not sure if it’s necessary, but lucid dreaming helped a lot. It helped with recognizing the subtle stages your body goes through while entering altered states. Lucid dreaming and lots of meditation. Also, polyphasic sleeping where you nap frequently.

You’ll always think it’s not “working” if you miss those cues and don’t just ride it out.

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I Unlocked By Accident, Having A Dream/Projection And What Happened Was My Past Life Self/Higherself Fused With Me In The Dream, I Woke Up Feeling Hollow, And I Felt My Astral Body Fall Back Into My Physical One.