Astral Projection vs Soul Travel?

I want to know the difference between soul travel and Astral projection. Is it like a comparison meaning Astral projection you can reach into a person’s dreams, but through soul travel, you could solely take possession of the mind and body? What are the differences? I have not tried Soul travel and really can’t wait till it comes out. Thanks.


From my little xp, both deal with NPR (non physical reality) but involve a different level of awareness.

In soul travel/mental travel, you expand your counsciousness. Usually you’re still aware of your physical surroundings but on the same time are aware of the place you’re jouneying. Phasing is another term used.

In AP, your astral body is involved in the process. Your counsciousness is deeper involved in the process and you’re not aware of your physical surrounding anymore (until you wake up).

Phasing is said to be easier than APing.


I agree with The Eye.

I would just add that AP requires more energy than Mental Projection.

Both allow to explore non physical realms.

Both allow to communicate with Spirits.