Astral projection sigils

Can putting sigils on your astral body geared towards connecting your consciousness to it help with getting out of body?

Dude…enough already. You are now basically trolling with your obsession of getting out of your body. If you keep pushing it, and somehow think that asking the same question over and over again a hundred different ways is going to prevent you from getting banned, I hate to break it to you, but it won’t.

You need to actually start making post about magick, and what you have actual experience in.


I am asking whether or not this method would work

Why not, instead of asking, try it first, and then report back?

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I really don’t get what your issue is. I think several people had already told you this, but here I go one last time: you don’t start any area of knowledge by the hardest thing to do; you go for the easier. Getting out of your body like you want? You have been told it is possible; you have been told it may take decades to master. So why don’t you go and build some other skills that will assist you in this ultimate goal?

Come on, that can’t be so hard. If you keep like this, you’ll keep getting only frustration. I’m sorry, but it is the truth.

Please, please, PLEASE, I am begging you: go for something easy. Cast a spell. Meditate. Something. PLEASE.


Applying some explanations by Charles Cosimano, a sigil on the astral body would be a thoughtform, and for example the sigil of Bathin may be used. In general aside from that, naturally, the more astral projection is practiced and the more it’s possible to stay “out”.

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I do meditate. Also I come up with different methods to see if they work, but people think I am trolling. If someone else had posted this exact same topic, then most likely would have gotten different answers. People use sigils and runes to meditate on. People use signals for astral travel. And people who have sigils on their physical bodies have it charged up. What about the spiritual body? Would it help to put the sigil on your energy body to have your consciousness transferred to it easily? @fapa79 gave a good answer because he answered this thread for what it is. A simple thread asking whether or not something would work.

Also I do admit I have done that in the past. I did make extremely similar topics. But this is on the same topic of astral travel, but a completely different question

Putting a sigil on your astral body geared towards astral projection makes no sense. Literally, if you can put the sigil on it that means you already can project, so the sigil is useless…was this question even well thought out?


I mean if your astral body is evoked, can’t a sigil be put on it?

U dont’ learn magick vicariously by asking tons of questions… You learn by doing. Stop the mind chatter and go do some spell. Or read a good book on foundation of magicks using sigils. And you will know what the purpose of a sigil is. Get your foundation in place. REad a good book on magick and most your questions will be answered.

Since your question isn’t about magick. You might want to real a book on learning how to astral project. There is this skill called knowing how to research. That’s what they teach you at grad level college. But i think all can learn if they put their mind to it.


I am working on my psychic senses. So i may not be able to successfully do until then.

I already know what sigils do. But sigils can do amazing things and have many things bound into them(such as consciousness)

Also I know how to research, but in my research I could not find anything that talks about someone who has tried this. Why else would i ask the question here if i could find the answer elsewhere?

don’t matter if others can do it. you do the drill you get the skills. U haven’t gotten mastery of the basics and u want advance stuff?

psychic senses isn’t easy. It require you work on yourself not find answers outside or being in your mind chatter or asking questions. IT’s a hands on thing of self cultivation. Be the doer not the scholar dictionary person. U learn more by living life to improve your senses than hanging around here in the forum asking questions nonstop. psychic senses require you to use your senses not think about your senses or talk about it.

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I have been meditating to improve my senses as well.

that’s not enough. there are people who do meditate for 20 yrs and still not build up psychic senses. Of course it depends on what kind of meditation. not all is meant to open their psychic senses. I think your looking in the wrong place to develop your psychic senses. I would recommend you learn tai chi. or yoga Your not in your body your too in your head. NO balance at all. Or go learn couples dancing. Probably not now cuz of the virus. Or do martial arts. There are so many aspects of martial arts that develop your psychic senses.

To much wants in you. Learn to live in present. be in body.

Have you tried subliminals or guided meditation??


Ah okay, just curious…
Free or paid ones??? Because I have seen pricey subliminals that guarantee OOBE if you listen to it and follow the guide consistently, however I haven’t tried them myself but maybe you have?