Astral projection or soul travel?

When you have zero experience is it better to start training on astral projection or soul travel? I don’t really know the difference. And does binaural sound helps?

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I’ll always have seen these as the same thing. I just thought it was a different wording🤔

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The difference between astral travel and astral projecting is just as different as doing an evocation or an invocation.

With astral travel, you leave your body to explore the astral plane. Astral travel is an active experience.

When you astral project, the astral plane comes to you, without leaving your body. Astral projecting is a passive experience. More often in a fully awake and conscious state.


E.A. tends to favor Soul Travel for a variety of reasons. He has stated that is EasieR (believe it or not) to Soul Travel as well as being more effective for magical purposes. Either way…good luck!

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