Astral projection frustration

Any tips? Feel like I have done it all - wim hof, guided meditations, trying to lucid dream and go, been trying while meditating to the mantras Crowley gives… nothing … for months

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Depending on your practice of divination and evocation, from a “three Godlike powers” point of view they may help with exiting the body. A practice is, light a stick of musk or rose before going to sleep; then try to concentrate all your mind, but without effort, on the idea. Imagine to leave the body, going to a certain spot, coming back and reentering the body.
Another way to go is while being awake: clear your mind, close eyes and possibly use earplugs then will to “exit”; with that it seems like it would be dangerous to fear physical perils, because the subtle body may be impacted, and there’s also the suggestion to seat inside a magical circle to avoid spiritual intruders.


Keep working towards it , simple as that , try asking a spirit to help you learn it

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It doesn’t happen overnight and it’s best not to expect as such. Some may grasp it sooner than others. All you can really do is clear your mind and keep at it.