Astral Projection for beginner question:

I haven’t managed to astral project, I have had lucid dreams as well as some bad sleep paralysis experiences (which means I don’t want to use sleep paralysis as a means to AP).

What are some techniques I can use to AP without having to go through sleep paralysis?

Also I heard that during meditation to AP sometimes people will see colors of light in their vision or swirling colors? Ive seen this type of thing when I meditate and am wondering what it is.

I heard of a technique where you try and touch an object/thing but without your physical hands - can this be further explained?



If you can, check out a book called psychic dreamwalking by Michelle Belanger.

The technique is a little bit different. You basically create an inner temple with a portal, which can be used to project, dreamwalk and other stuff.

That’s how I first succeeded in astral projection. It’s a bit inconsistent, at least for me, but if you have experience in lucid dreaming it should be easier for you.

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Sleep paralysis is both a psychological and a spiritual occurrence. There isn’t much you can do psychologically besides staying present in reality and trying your best to manage anxiety and paranoia.

As far as spiritually, make sure you are cleansing when you feel necessary, opening your upper chakras, and heavily warding your space. I also love to use crystals to help me get out of my body smoothly and safely. I highly recommend celestite, angelite, amethyst, selenite, and ametrine to do so. They’re all also very protective stones which will aid in your travel. :slight_smile:


The times I have been caught in sleep paralysis there was a parasite that was draining me from the back of my neck. It attacked me each time I was paralyzed and laying in some manner - in which the back of my neck was exposed.

That’s why I’m anxious. The thing sounded like some bug like thing (I could feel and hear it chewing at my neck and felt weakened at it was doing so). So I’m trying to avoid this method. I haven’t had an encounter in a couple of months but then again I also haven’t had a sleep paralysis episode either for awhile.

And in case I did encounter this parasite again…how do I attack it? If I can’t move? I had tried some ahem visualizations to try and attack it but nothing happened and it kept trying to drain/chew at my neck. The only way I was able to do anything was to learn how to break the sleep paralysis.

When does someone differentiate between when it’s psychological and Spiritual?

I’m not a psychologist or anything so I would just research it a bit scientifically since it is backed in there. I’m not sure how to differentiate the two because I’ve never experienced it personally. Taking preventive measures for both of them wouldn’t hurt even for someone who doesn’t experience it.

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The preventive measure I’ve taken was learning how to break the sleep paralysis episode. Which just involves moving my toes and fingers (as you can move those alittle) to “wake up” - be able to move again.

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There are methods to AP that don’t involve sleep paralysis then?

If I remember correctly (like I said before I haven’t experienced sleep paralysis) this state usually comes in between the state of sleep and wake, and when astral projecting you’re essentially putting your body to sleep and keeping your mind awake- so I don’t think there is sadly.

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I’ll just learn to from lucid dreaming then, since I know how to do that.

I know you can AP from within a lucid dream.

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Robert Bruce actually writes about the subject of sleep paralysis quite a bit, and he believes it occurs when you have been projecting unknowingly, and something causes you to wake up during the projection. He covers it pretty extensively in his book Astral Dynamics, and how to prevent it.

I’ve personally not experienced it outside of the dream state. Sometimes when I am having false awakenings, I will be unable to move, or more likely- unable to gain control of my vision and what I see.

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Another way to break out of sleep paralysis is to deliberately change your breathing pattern, like to begin taking very deep breaths. Should immediately notify your brain that your body is awake.

Have you experienced this parasite at any other time or only during sleep paralysis? If visualisation doesn’t work, is there a spirit/entity you work with that you can call out to for assistance when you’re in that state? Or perhaps it might be good to focus on banishing/cleansing. @DarkestKnight recently made a thread containing mantras channeled from Raziel and one of them is to remove parasites and unhealthy energetic attachments; if you memorise the mantra you could try using it during any sleep paralysis episodes.


I have a spirit lover however it’s not her. The parasite almost solely goes for my neck and doesn’t seem interested in my sexual energy. My spirit lover is sexual (also very loving).

What I mean is, there’s been times where I’ll be in sleep paralysis and the parasite will just sit on my bed and not bother me (if I’m laying on my back) but if my neck (specifically back of my neck) becomes exposed - then it will try and “chew” at the back of my neck which causes me to LITTERLY feel me being drained of energy - it’s a horrible feeling. And I can hear the thing chewing.

The parasite isn’t all that big, but it definitely moves around. Seems animalistic.

I have only encountered the parasite while in sleep paralysis. I did encounter it in a dream where it was trying to hunt me to drain me or something and that resulted in sleep paralysis right out of the dream.

I mean to be fair all I visualized was swords stabbing the parasite, since I was freaking out (it was chewing at my neck) and me trying to shield myself did nothing.

I did call a guide once while in sleep paralysis, and I felt something arrive, and heard a voice saying " breathe breathe breathe" which was followed by me gasping for air. Woke me up though.

Did you use a banishing ritual? If so is it perhaps attached to an object and looking to get out, hence the sleep paralysis?

Where do you put the crystals?

I have them scattered all over my space but holding them works best for AP especially on the head.