Astral Projection Experience odd tentacle monsters?

So I was trying out theta waves to induce the TGS and it didn’t work so I went ahead and took a nap. (since the binaural made me sleepy)
Then I found my self in this place with the sky being green and dirty almost like dirty water you find in a pond
with streaks of green lightning.
I looked around and saw different structures that appeared pitch black except the sky that is the color I just mentioned.
They looked like destroyed building (looked an awful lot like a bomb went off or something )That was darker than a pitch black room then I began to notice these strange creatures that looked like something outta H.P love craft looked like the depictions of Cthulu you see in illustrations. They had black tentacles and they kinda moved around in random directions and had red eyes.
There was one that especially looked like those drawings of Cthulu
They would just stare at me.
Then everything went black
(Keep in mind I was in this state of in-between conscious and unconscious (like I knew what I was seeing but I couldn’t really control what I was doing.) Anyways then everything went black and I saw this hideous spirit with an elongated jaw like something outta a horror movie. (all I could do was watch) We started to fight
we began to throw punches incredibly fast (looked like an anime battle basically) Eventually it pushed me away from itself and I found my self in my room and so was that thing immediately I had performed the LBRP and a huge bolt of lightning came from the sky crashing into my room and the thing disappeared in a burst of light.

Then I woke up pretty crazy huh what do you guys think?


Amazing as I was reading your account of your soul travel experience H.P. Lovecraft popped in my head and this was before I got to that section. As far as I can tell you did the right thing and say this because of others on this forum advice and suggestions. :+1: