Astral Projection Bound To Body

Hello everyone. So I’ve been working for some time now on being able to astral travel, and my greatest challenge so far has been loosening the binds between my astral body and my physical body. Thus far I have been unsuccessful, even with the assistance of the Demons that I work with. I have tried various exercises without success. I strongly suspect that the strength of my binds has to do with the trauma I suffered as a child and how I damaged my third eye as a defense mechanism (as detailed in my introduction). Can I get some suggestions on resources both for repairing damage to one’s third eye, and for loosening those binds? Thank you all for your time. <3


This is something I would like to do to. Loosen the binding of my physical body to a great extent.

You don’t really need to loosen anything to astral project, only “bind” is one from reincarnation or whatever one believes what comes the moment you’re born into the vessel you’re in. It doesn’t hinder projection in the slightest. Most fail due to expectations be it conscious ones or subconscious ones they aren’t acknowledging.
What you mean aren’t binds, things caused by trauma is mental blocks not binds, and the third eye only contributes to your clairs sight, not to actually fully seeing. However, However, when it comes to “repairing” chakras and pathways it’s mostly just working through said trauma and continue to practice your clairs so you’re aware that you’re doing something and not just because you’re blind and unable to feel, see, hear what you’re doing.


If you loosen your consciousness from your body, can’t you move it better? Also if you lower your spirit’s connection to body.

You don’t need to do that to move it better and the thing is it’s unlikely for someone reincarnated to be able to loosen or remove something placed by “powers” over reincarnation, by that I mean the literally essence of the cycle.

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No matter how powerful you are?

I don’t follow the same concept of powerful as most who see powerful as mustering a bunch of energy. I once tried to loosen mine for reasons I won’t disclose and the moment I attempted it, it didn’t work. However, I went to death primordials like Thanatos for reasons as to why I couldn’t and if he could and he refused for obvious reasons.

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If you are astral projecting, can’t you see through intent?

Seeing through intent? as in seeing through someone’s intentions?

Since it is collective subconscious

Not be blind

I am not sure what you mean, seeing through intent isn’t an astral projection thing, that’s more of a scanning thing, or being aware of the individual by means of precognition or other means.

No meaning clairvoyance

clairvoyance helps you see your surroundings and energy when projecting

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I remind you: Astral projection or astral unfolding is a type of Subjective Mental Experience, by which many people claim to have experienced a separation, “unfolding” of what they call the astral body (or subtle body), from the physical body.
What I can perceive is: the channeling in your conscious of what this process really happens. It is a SUBJECTIVE, NON-CORPORATE MENTAL EXPERIENCE, the separation or unfolding of the body is in the astral area driven by mental projection not otherwise, it is from there that the process of autoscopy can be manifested / the person is perceived "from outside "to be able to project to other places, but everything happens understanding, the process at the cognitive area level, that is to say that your mind understands / not blindly / what is happening. When this happens, it is said that projection is a natural phenomenon because:

  • is an experience during which Consciousness temporarily leaves the physical body at rest
  • use the astral body independently. From there derives the name of astral unfolding, since in the Astral Journey it seems that the body unfolds and another body appears. It is also known as extracorporeal experience.
    Do not forget that we call the essence of the person Awareness (which is equivalent to soul, me, ego, …) that resides in the conscious of the human being.
    When this is understood, it can either be spontaneous or voluntary where Consciousness uses a more subtle body (astral body or psychosome). It has been a pleasure!

you don’t believe astral projection is real?

Do you believe in supernatural existence?

Of course it is real, while channeling in the order of its due process, not outside it, since it would not be called astral projection

But you said it is mental.

I believe this to an extent but I do view the astral as a real plane, but more along the lines that due to the nature of it that it’s mostly mental, thoughts, desires, fears, emotions all tend to affect it and the “life” there is product of the people and things that go there and manifest thoughtforms and such from that.

So while it’s real, it’s not? but it can also be used as a gateway when practicing dreamwalking.

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