Astral Projection and Sleep Paralysis

I was wondering, is there a way to astral project WITHOUT going through sleep paralysis?

I experience sleep paralysis (from time to time) occasionally and it’s not something I want to experience to astral project. I still haven’t learned to stay calm during this, which would impede my astral projection attempt.

Sleep paralysis is not a requirement for any sort of projection. All you really need is a sufficiently relaxed body.


Just curious if I’m being attacked sleep para should I try to astral project would that work and yea just scare off the attackers. I’ve only fully astral projected once well physically projected I didn’t leave this realm it was weird how fing easy it was the one time I did it to I just told myself I’ma do ivthen withing like 5 minutes probably less it was out of my body listening to my friends talk with telepathy I didn’t realize if I projected it would allow me to hear them talking but I did assume they were talking.

In the stuff I’ve read for doing it they didn’t respond to it as sleep para just your body going to sleep with your mind open awake still. There was a good read on here where the moment you wake up don open your eyes just pretend to play a piano with your fingers then shift into lucid once your fingers stop moving and your just doing it in your mind because body went back to sleep he said check by tryin to put one hand through the other. He then said once at Lucid you roll over in your bed and imagine yourself falling I to another realm.