Astral Projection & Altar Questions!

I’d like to know the purpose of “Altar” in summoning and magic stuff? I’ve read that it’s used to keep magical items but is that the only thing that it do?
And about Astral Projection I didn’t get the idea of it at summoning and magic stuff too, but I guess I can use it to practice magic am I right or there’s another stuff I can do with it?

Thanks for your time!

Yes, both putting items on the Altar and keeping them in it (“doors”, drawers). It possibly symbolizes Earth or a sacred stone, but maybe it’s less mandatory than other “things”: a magician in his books didn’t cover it… You may astral project to visit entities instead of summoning them, or visit and pull (so to say) them to the physical plane during summoning.

But is it danger to visit them (entities)? cause I’ve heard that astral project is danger and things like that

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Nah you should be fine
I’m guessing ya wanna project to talk to Daemons?
They won’t hurt ya
Just don’t be a dick and your good.


Guess gonna give it a try

In my opinion the alter serves as a main focal point of the temple. Its the center piece with which to symbolically externalize your magickal self. Its not entirely necessary to perform magick. Its really just another symbolic physical implement, albeit my personal favorite. I like it because it evolves and changes in sync with your own magickal ascent and makes your temple look rad as shit.

Also whoever told you astral projection is dangerous was either fucking with you or completely full of shit.

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Thanks buddy!
Yeeea I was arguing with them about it and it ended at the point which is we (agree to not agree) or something like that

Hi there, I apologize in advance for the lengthy response regarding the altar. I can only state & explain what I know based on my experiences as well as through the knowledge gained through some of the resources available on BALG. The others have already given a pretty all around explaination however here’s my take.

The altar works as a catalyst and stoarge point for the energies you are calling into your temple and on the altar. To note depending on which energies you are generally working with, (demonic, angelic, planetary, necromantic, etc.) and what types of magick you do the altar will absorb, store it, transform it and transmute and emit those energies to the items placed on the altar as well as into the immediate environment around you. You can even feel the energies you have called into the altar by closing your eyes and placing your hands on it. However note if you really want a strong and useful altar remember to consecrate it. ways to do that are available or explained on here or to get a headstart E.A koettings Mastering Black Magick Course should give you a headstart.

NOTE: It’s a really good idea, which was something that was imparted to me, to create a new altar for every new system of magick you are working with, if you don’t - the energies of a let’s say a black magick altar may not necessarily work all that well most of the time with spellcasting that focuses on angelic and healing forces, that being said you can still do powerful healing spells by using black magick.

Astral projection or mostly refered to on here as soul travel (there’s a difference between the two), you can and should use soul travel to help yu out in your work with magick, it’s one of the best tools in your toolbox. With it you can travel to spirits and be taught directly by them, visit loved one’s for example without needing to visit them physically, through soul travel honesty anything is pretty much possible.


Thanks dude your words encouraged me :blush: