Astral Projecting

I am wanting to work up to astrally projecting so I can see my succubus, do you know what the prerequisites would be for that?
Said to do so by @Lady_Eva

Thank you for your time

Meditation, intent and focus as well as relaxation. Simple enough really. Use the mindset of telling yourself “I can astral project, I will astral project”

Your seven chakra centers must be all open and balanced, meditation will greatly help for this

Like the other have mentioned; energy work through meditation and chakra work. I would strongly suggest looking into Robert Bruce’s energy work. Check his book Energy Work or his video course sold here at BALG; Mastering Kundalini. Also Koetting’s video course Mastering Soul Travel is amazing.

I know I suggested two video courses that are NOT cheap. But they are totally worth it. If not at least get the book and also look into R. Bruce’s book Astral Dynamics.


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Thank you for your replies.

I would buy books and courses, if I had that money to spend at the time I don’t have a job or means of getting sufficient money, also being a teen doesn’t help.

I wonder how I could find how to open and balance them.

Can’t invest this moment, it’s ok. The search function will be your best tool. There are many excellent threads on this (astral/soul travel) topics and related ones. Check R. Bruce’s astraldynamics forum for more info on chakras/kundalini/astral travel. Most of the info of his Energy Works book is there in his forum for free.

Also youtube has countless videos on related topics including Robert Bruce’s own YT channel.

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