Astral projecting

I have been trying hard I have read like 7 forums of ways to project myself I keep trying but the first time I saw a light and it kept getting bright I kept squinting my eyes then I couldn’t focus and kept having rapid eye movement and I felt I couldn’t keep my eyes closed anymore.
So I tried again a few hours later everything got DARK. Yes my eyes are closed but it was becoming pitch black slowly around thie side too and bottom and my heart was pounding and I was feeling like someone else was watching me lay there and idk if I was getting excited or nervous
(Worries/scared of the presence watching me) but I stopped but I felt stuck before I opened my eyes but I really want to try! Then I read my horoscope and it was SPOT ON OF WHAT I been TRYING TO DO! This is the 5th time that I’ve looked at it out the other 5 times ( I just started reading them here and there) it’s been dead accurate.


before you attempt that call out to your spirit guides! Most likely they are this presence! Ask them to help you and protect you! So when you try again and feel that you will know its safe and they are there to help you.
My spirits helped me a lot! And when it gets scary they find their way of making me feel safe!


Thank you!

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Keep working towards your goal .

When I do astral or soul travel I usually wear a heavy eye bag just so there is no play of light from my environment going on. I prefer weighted ones with beads or herbs/seeds in them. The pressure under my eyes really helps a lot.

let go of fear. for real. i remember when i started trying to project i thought i had left fear behind… but i had not. first time i start to get out of my body i hear this LOUD laugh like a few feet away from my bed… and i went “NOPE” and went inside my body again. I was afraid of shadow people jumping me or seeing some scary looking entity… then one day i actually got jumped by some shadow figure while meditating… and saw a few "scary’ looking entities also meditating…

Let go of lust for result. You can train every day… but lust for result will probably only makes things harder.

Try with some breath and energy work… Conscientious breathing… some Qigong… filling yourself with prana/chi/ki (whatever you wanna call it) strengthening your subtle/energetic body

Have a higher spirit helping you. I have had a couple of successful projectings already but Raziel helped me to have some of the most vivid and crystal clear projections i ever had.
I was able to have astral sex for the first time because of that… which was pretty great :wink:


what is astral sex?

it’s when you have sex with someone’s astral body/double…

Like a spirit or actual person?

a living person