Astral project

What is the easiest and fastest way to astral project and go to the astral plane

The easiest and fastest way to cause astral separation is to die. Getting back to your body won’t be near as easy as leaving, though.

There is plenty of resources here (use search bar) and via Google.

If you’re expecting more people to help you, then perhaps you should apologize to the forum for your immature behavior.


The easiest way is to be a natural born APer the likes of Robert Monroe, et al, and just have it start happening consistently.

Barring that, there is no “easiest and fastest” way in any objective sense. If you are not blessed with natural AP ability, its more or less going to be a very hard road just getting to the point of being able to consistently passively AP (stay conscious while it naturally happens in the wee hours of the morn or similar), let alone be able to actively AP any time you want with little prep work.

A very loose road map is starting with awareness meditation in some form, and being able to hold your attention upon your body for long periods of time. Training this will allow for passive APing much easier than just rolling the dice in the morning and hoping you get a freebie. Simultaneously with awareness meditation you want to start working on moving energy around your body and becoming very familiar with how the energy feels. Youll want to work on storing energy then, because APing takes energy to do. Its analogous to any physical motion that requires ATP to execute, but on the etheric level.

Those three things are going to get you in touch with your energy body which the vast majority of people are not aware even exists. Once aware of it, youll begin to learn how to move it, and consciously moving it separately from the physical body while shifting focus completely to that energy body is the key to consciously APing.

There are a plethora of “exit” techniques that can be employed to separate the energy body from the physical one and shift focus. Some will work, others wont, so youll have to try to see what works, but thats down the road and doesnt matter at all if you are not on top of being able to sense the energy body by itself. You may get some luck just trying exit techniques at the right time, and that can be very helpful in terms of motivation. But when I think of APing, Im not thinking about getting a lucky exit and wafting around on the astral wind so to speak, just going wherever. Im thinking about consciously being able to control where I go, and just like a baby needs to get familiar with its physical body to successfully traverse the physical realm, so too we must get familiar with our energy bodies to traverse the astral and beyond.

So get “easiest and fastest” out of your head as potential descriptors of ways to learn astral projection, unless you are born natural, which is clear you are not since you are asking how to do it. For most people, learning astral projection is rarely easy, and almost never “fast”, and most people, even those with interest in the subject, will never get past a random passive AP.

If you are absolutely dead set on not working the ability, you could take entheogenic/dissociative drugs, but without training in their use youll just be a newborn thrown into a raging river. Some people find that fun… most dont though, and no one, without training, can actually guide their journey down that river.

Thats the fastest and easiest, I guess. But its not the best. The best way is through hard work, practice, and dedication to mastering the ability. Its the exact same principle that gets newborn babies who cannot even lift the weight of their own heads, to being able to lift 400 pound atlas stones from the ground up to neck height (if anyone is familiar with strongman competitions), or an olympic gymnast whose aerial control is unreal, but who at first could not even control their own bowels.

Conscious and actively APing is very hard to become adept at, let alone to master. You have to decide if thats a path you wish to go down or not, while realizing that it will more likely than not be a very long path, and involve a lot of side paths which will also need to be walked prior to completing your main path.

The topic of astral projecting can be very deceptive. Getting a one off passive AP can be pretty easy for a lot of people with a little work, and indeed is very beneficial in letting the person know, that yes, its real. But mastering it is in an entirely different realm.


Well stated, BB44.

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Ok so I been trying to astral projection for almost 1 year and I keep trying like 3 times a day 1 of my meditation may last 1 hour but normally is 30 min. In my research I found that at 4 am in the morning your chances of astral projection will increase.
Last night was the first time I tried to astral project at 4 am. Most people would report tingling starting at their feet working its way up with rapid heart beat. My experience was amazing! And different. I felt and could see in my mind a light blue mist cloud of cold air wrapping its self around my legs and working its way up my body. And my heart was beating so fast! and there was pressure on my third eye chakra. I was a fool so I opened my eyes and This experience stoped…
How ever after that I sat in bed playing on my phone waiting to get sleepy and fall a sleep, but during this time for 15 min I kept feeling my body vibrating and radiating some kind of energy.


I do agree that early morning is a good time. I work night shifts, and around this time I can feel a certain energy that is just apparent.

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Hello, Where do I find this ebook?

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