Astral power objects and personal spirit legions

Has anybody created a astral Power Object Like a Cloak That empowers you And personal spirit legions protect you 24/7 I haven’t gotten around to Doing it Creating a power object Based on the dark Anchors From eso The objects purpose is For me to know But it’s not too Pool this world into a spiritual dimension that’s for sure

I need help creating a personal Legion can someone out there give me some tips?

You can create one as a thought-form by simple intent, I was doing this aged like 9 and it’s just a case of willpower and repetition of empowering it and investing in it.

And personal spirit legions protect you 24/7

You need to be able to reliably communicate with spirits in some way before you attempt this, and if you can’t yet do that, prioritise learning it - if you can communicate, then form a pact or at least a working relationship with a spirit who consistantly delivers results (not excuses) and ask them to mentor you through the process.

But you need some degree of power and connection to spirits before you’re fit to start commanding them.

It’s like, I can’t speak any Chinese dialects and I know nothing about the economy and politics of China, so I’m in no fit state even if I wanted to, and had the funds, to command employees in a Chinese company to work for me - I would need to both educate myself, and also have a good reliable intermediary who knows the territory.