Astral plugs/astral needles

So I was watching one of EA’s videos well I was participating in one of his rituals and at the very end of it and due to the context of the video. I had discovered a kinda of possible new occult technology called astral plugs or needles. These astral needles are black cone shaped needle with four sides.

These needles would typically be injected into your heart or anywhere In the astral body. These needles can be formed from intention to bring to yourself a change In your life. Similar to making a pact with a demon. These astral needles will cause a lot of discomfort to your body or astral body’s at first simply because it’s foreign, just like how you would get sick after getting the flu shot. From the context of recent events this could be a technology to change your genetics just like how the gatekeepers would.

I hope to get more onsite on this later in the future. I’ve written it down in my grimoire.