Astral Plane?

WHO can give me more Infos to the BATTLES of Astral Plane ? Who is fighting against who ? Michael/ Archangel against Azatoth and Nyarlatotep ?
What is with Draconians from Orion ? Who is in Astral Plane fighting on which side ??

Most of this is fiction.

The astral is the human mental plane, so that’s not where you find anything real except the inventions of the human imagination… which are real on that level, but don’t leave that until they are manifested.

I believe aliens are real, but they’re not in the astral they’re physical as well as energetic and exist in physical reality.

I don’t actually believe in angels or demons as described. I think the stories are echoes of something humans only vaguely understood. We can talk to these beings, but they’re not what we think they are.

There are said to be wars among the thousands of alien species but we don’t have any solid info on the dynamics or how real that is. We might get that if there’s ever open contact. Until then there’sa lot of “channeled” garbage from grifters preying on the gullible. Duality is fake so there’s no “sides”, no black and white, there’s goals and obstructions to be worked through.

Draconians and Orion are the “controllers”. Ahrimanic forces that prefer totalitarian control and slavery of humanity.
What we need here is full “disclosure”. That is, leadership stops pretending this doesn’t exist and starts being honest about what we already know. There are too many sleepers that won’t believe it until someone they see as having authority tells them it’s true.

We need disclosure that so humanity can demand that human leaders never sign agreements with them against our knowledge or will.

These agreements would prevent help from those following the Law of One (respect the galactic rules and free will). And then humanity will not be able to ascend on Earth, it will be blocked by the slavers. Even more than it already is: the veil is thick now it can get worse.

My advise is, work with the entities you know, and ask them directly. It’s upg still but at least it’s your upg not second hand. Stay empowered, stay thoughtful and keep thinking for yourself.


The problem with the magick today is anybody can launch any idea and everybody starts believing it.

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