Astral plane question

I have some question for astral plane , i dont have astral travel experience only lucid dreaming my question is how we can summon a spirit if we are projected in astral plane ?

How can we protect our physical body?

And can we manipulate people when we are in astral?


Create an astral temple and perform your evocation there.

How do you normally protect your body? When you are projecting, it would appear to anyone observing that you are sleeping, so how do protect yourself during the night?

In what way? If you mean perform manipulative magick, then see my answer to the first question.



Not to manipulate with magick idk how to explain but i have read experience somewhere that this person could manipulate people but not by performing magic in astral

About summoning a spirit in astral , is the same way we use in physical or can we summon just by vibrate his name ?

You can do it any way you want. The wonderful thing about using an astral temple is that you can dress up the evocation however you feel like. You are not constrained by the laws of physics or physical tools. Anything you need, you can create, and It takes less effort for a spirit to materialize there than it does for it to come to the physical plane so when it appears it will be seem just as solid as everything else.

Perhaps it was accomplished by manipulating the other person’s astral body.


Yes maybe he has do this but is this hard to do or how can i do it , how can a person astral body can manipulated?

Can people fly in the astral?

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Yes, the astral is the mental plane or collective unconscious, you’re only as limited as your imagination is. So flight is very possible with little to no practice at all.


Thank you very much!

Pretty much the same way as physically summoning one, except you would probably use energy projected astrally, although there may be better methods out there. Also its way easier and more vivid at least for me than doing a physical evocation.

Protecting your physical body is not really a concern tbh, I’ve never heard of someone being like possessed physically or something like that while astrally projecting at least.

Manipulating people astrally is pretty much the same as normal too, at least for projected energy kinds of works.