Astral plane of demons

In my country (i also think in the Anglo-Saxon world) some decontextualize the Goetic demons who, in their opinion, do not belong to a single demonic hierarchy but belong to different astral planes: Buer and Bune belong to an elevated astral plane, while others like Gaap and Furfur could create problems because they belong to a lower astral plane. Thank you for any clarifications on this topic.

Hi there! Knowledge has been broken into pieces. Everything is upside now. That’s why those with true Experience and factual wisdom aren’t believed anymore because Earth stumbled and the people fell.

People have said alot about this beings, but they don’t even know about them or they don’t know them as much as they claimed.

Buer, Bune, Gaap, Furfur, and so much more aren’t on those levels. You can judge them best according to their Angelic ranks before they fell and lost the Light (the angelic brilliance). But this astral planes thing has no stand at all.

There are higher beings that create problems, wreck havoc. There are indeed beings that can be defined that way i.e lower planes like causing troubles, it’s what they do fun in their place; they even hurt themselves, curse and abuse, but for Heaven sake! People shouldn’t always attach evil to Demons.

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The astral plane is a plane of thought and Imagination, the collective unconscious. They don’t belong to the lower or higher astral because the astral isn’t their “home” they are however like everyone else and exists with whatever vibrational density they choose to have.

This idea is that the lower astral is scarier than the “upper” astral but the astral has no upper and lower, it has a varying spectrum in its density but that’s with any plane.

They visit the astral just as we do, they can create problems and create solutions like any living being.