Astral plane explanation?

Hi I don’t know much about Astral plane but I know about the physical part of it ( I have no experience in Astral projection ) I want to know if I can interact and grab and throw Physical obejects in my house and my whole town while Astral projecting( I know interacting my town in Astral projection will take time ) is it possible if i punch someone in the physical world while I am Astral projecting and it will hurt them physically , and I want to safely Astral project so if you can suggest some techniques to defend myself it will be a big help . And if you are free can you give a short explanation of what Astral plane is I mean I have heard meeting DR STRANGE in it :sweat_smile: and even having a different world , meeting gods and some nine gates , I am really confused .

No, it won’t. Their astral body might register the impact, but unless they are familiar with energy work or astral projection, they most likely will not even notice it.

Astral projection does not make you into a poltergeist capable of throwing physical objects around. Doing things like that takes a lot of energy, which is why most spirit rarely bother with it.


Can I go into their dream at least or be there sleep paralysis entity to scare them

No. Dreams are linked to the astral but being able to astral project does not mean you can automatically enter someone’s dreams. Dream walking is a different skill.

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Well that also works thanks :blush: