Astral/physical shapeshifting

If you shapeshift in the astral does it affect how you look in the physical?


Yeah it sort of does.

Astral Shapeshifting.

This done through the ability to not only mold the astral body of light by will. Also it is done by manipulating the environment of the realm you’re in. Shapeshifting with repetition in the astral would have effect they maybe subtle but effects none the less.

If you combine various things like astral Shapeshifting, possession, energy work, biokinesis etc. Do these practices over and over each repetition use more will and power than the last.

It’s going to create changes.

Here was my experience with this type of stuff.


Nice work,sir


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


This very awesome and I would like to try this, I’ve been trying to shapeshift for a very very long time

Astral shape shifting is as easy, as your imagination allows it to be. Since the astral is much more fluid vs the physical. Easier to shape shift there then say the spiritual realms - from what I know.

Any effects on the physical would be very subtle but no you wouldn’t actually become a wolf. Maybe the aura or vibe to you would change, or your personality might shift a little.

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It doesn’t affect your physical appearance at all. It may affect your aura and how a person views you in terms of vibes. Astral shapeshifting is very similar if not the same as mental shifting.

But appearance no.


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