Astral Parasite

I’ve felt an entity draining my life force for quite awhile now. I couldn’t tell you how long its actually been there, but I have a strong feeling that I’ve had it since before I started practicing magick. I can’t be certain how long its been there, because I was not even aware of astral projection, entities, or any occult stuff a few years ago. Anyways, these past few weeks I feel my energy is down in a way it never has been. I literally feel like I have mono. I’m not overweight or have breathing issues, but making it up the stairs is even becoming hard. Its been a struggle to get myself out of bed or even shower. I will get 8 hours of sleep and wake up feeling like I got 2 and will immediately want to go back to sleep. My energy is just completely gone. It feels different than other depressive episodes that I’ve been through. To make matters worse, one of my friends, who can remote view and astral project at will, told me that she saw a terrifying vision of me with a device attached me that literally sucks the life force out of people. Tonight, I felt the energy piercing through my back as I was trying to contact a specific angel. I’ve felt this sensation a few times, but only when contacting Sallos (which only started 2 months ago). Could this mean it is him trying to take my energy? He is the only demon I’ve ever worked with. We do not have any pacts or agreements I’m neglecting, we’re just friends, so I don’t see why he’d torment me. I don’t suspect its Sallos, but I guess I’m not the most experienced with demons. I’m thinking that this entity just attacks as soon as I open up contact with the other side. I’ve suffered from clinical depression most of my life and sometimes I go into magick or invocation with a low vibration. Any thoughts on what I should do? I’ve saged, banished, and done spiritual baths. It is not working and my back still feels like pins and needles, an hour after the initial feeling. Should I take a break from magick? Could this be a hex of some sort? How can I get rid of whatever is on my back? It is literally wreaking havoc in my life.

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