Astral object focus

I am going back through the OAA flames back to the beginning. I am having troubles visualizing more complex astral scenes So I am going back to something as simple as a penny.

In doing so the penny will not stay a penny. It turns gold, turns into other currency and even turns into various world currencies.

I don’t know if I am losing focus or my mind is bouncing among multiple selves trying the same exercise.

Or an entity play “is this your coin”?

I want to get this mastered.


Hey, man, in my opinion that sounds like it’s just the natural way your brain functions when it gets bored. It should stop, the more you focus on keeping the penny as a penny. It’s one of the reasons teachers tell you to use movement in your visualizations, because movement keeps the mind interested. Static objects, like a piece of fruit or a penny are harder than moving shapes. It’s nothing supernatural. I’m still working on EA’s pendulum exercise :slight_smile:


Start simpler. Focus on simple geometric shapes such as circles, squares and triangles. When that’s easy you can move onto spheres, cubes, and pyramids. Finally, begin to visualize objects like an apple or an orange. When that’s easy, move onto something complex like a skull or a book.


First… Thank you all.

I got a booming voice message from Belial.

Use magick in all things… All things.

Magick is not a spice, it is the bread of life.

So… I cast for clarity and then I was told two exercises.

  1. Quit worrying if it is your pendulum. Just keep watching.

  2. Take a post it note and draw a square, circle,triangle on the left half. Redraw them on the right half in your imagination.

It is helping