Astral Matrix

What is the astral matrix and what does one use it for? I have heard of it in the Franz Bardon books and in the slideshow EA was talking about, but what is it?

Before that in texts by the Societe of Counte St Germain (where I first learned it)- a cloud that is like a cement-form or a “Jello-mold” (Quantum Physics terms a “strange attractor” -I think the nuances of that reference give the most).

 Think if you had an Event or a set of perceptions of an Object or...  and you have the Qualities/ the Relationships the Context of the Content without the details.. if you took that "structure" and put it in to other-random elements those other-random elements would start to align into that Pattern.
  (good visual of this aspect- see Cymatics  some videos on YouTube of SoundWaves vibrating and causing particulants to flow into a pattern... take the sound freq-Form (in a Platonic sense) without the particles, one couldn't see the shaping-affect (as naught there to be shaped) but it is a Energetic arranging...  <<another ex a magnetic field- not just a simple, but a handful of differently aligned magnets, so the concentric rings intersect/overlap-interference Moire...  the matrix is "structured" to be that which would arrange things...   but more than just a shape in space (this just being a quick&dirty ex)- then take that Pattern-essence and like making a hologram of the whole/ a snapshot = a gut-feel that sums it all up...  grab that "sum-it-all-up" and hold it in your 'hand'... and then use that to .... <next>