Astral Jewellery

Is there such a thing? Has anyone else experienced it? When I’m meditating or doing anything else, I feel pressure on someparts of my body where one would put jewellery. Like a little pressure on both my earlobes like there are earings there and around my neck as if there is a necklace. And my wrist as though there were a bracelet. Sometimes I’ll feel a ring around my fingers. I’m trying to explain it as best I can. What is it and what does it mean?


Yep! I woke up one day with rings around both of my middle fingers lol. Apparently they are gifts from spirits that have taken a liking to you!

@succupedia was the one who told me about them and he knows a ton about spirit relationships


Any way of knowing which specific entity each piece is from?

If you suspect a certain entity may have given you it/them then you could evoke/invoke and ask them… Otherwise you or someone else could divine the answer


Yes it is totally possible,
Till now never any entity has put one on me, but i work on that on lucid dreams, i just create a perfect copy of my stones in my dreams, then i integrate then in my body, works wonders!
That would be very interesting to discover who is putting those on you, when you discover, please let us know!:wink:


I really don’t suspect anyone at the moment, and if I were to evoke/invoke all the entities I have worked with, it would take a while and a lot out of me since I’m not exactly good at communicating with them


Of course! :+1:

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i’d offer to scry for you, but my knowledge of entities is very limited…

but may i suggest posting in this topic, asking for someone to read your astral jewelrys’ origins?


While not jewelry exactly, I once was communing with my local land spirits and they bestowed some sort of gift to me, it was like my tongue had turned into a red gem of sorts. No idea what the application is there, but it seemed worth mentioning.


Yes there is such a thing.
For example, my pendant.

I am so connected to it that when i leave it by accident on the way to work, i feel the chain and the actual stone on me physically (including the weight of the stone).

I also have my rings i dedicated on my fingers astrally as well when i dont have them on physically


I’ve never been given jewelery, but I have several invisible marks on my body. They burn, ache, throb, or sting to let me know when the one who gave it to me is around.


Is there perhaps something like an encyclopedia for these types of things? Like info on which entity gives what type of piece or what each piece means? If not, are there any effective, simple methods of scrying to see who gave them to me?

I’d try to narrow it down based on who you are working with and who you are closest to. I don’t think there are any rules about what pieces are given. It’s whatever the spirit felt like giving you. From there you can simply ask those you suspect for confirmation.

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Didn’t find out who exactly they were from, but I had someone, @anon27714670 do a reading/scrying for me. I’m still trying to figure out what each means but I’m getting nowhere. Any way, these were her exact words :

Crown - pale, either made from bone or bleached wood. Feels like a death/underworld deity (like Anubis)
Earrings - yellow eyes, blue pupils (have u worked with King Paralda by chance? Could be Lucifer, but Paralda was the first to pop into my mind)
Necklace - I see lapis lazuli and some kind of large seal or manatee… Don’t know which spirit these could be referencing
Rings on the left hand - ruby and amethyst…
Rings on the right hand - citrine and smoky quartz, don’t know these spirits
Bracelet - I’m getting images of Buddha?? :woman_shrugging:

Alright, on a completely different matter, but also similar to this at the same time, have any of you experienced any weird sensations on the skin? I get that it might be a spirit trying to make contact, or something like that, but on your head? It’s not like a human touch, and it happens all over my head. It recently just started, and it can’t be dandruff or the likes. It almost feels like an invisible snake or a large worm crawling between my hair. It can’t be the wind or something like that because it usually happens when I am indoors and in bed. Any body?