Astral Imps

Hello Everyone,

Can anyone explain to me what exactly the little astral imp/gnome-like entities are ive seen a few times in the room with me as im waking up? Two people already described them to me as ‘normal’ spirits who are not malevolent but just playful and mischevious…

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If you see em you can hear em. Ask em.

^best advice ever^…if they refuse to answer you they are up to no good.

Look up Terence McKenna’s writings on the “Machine Elves”

Good point but can we rule out the possibility of them lying?

You must always take into consideration that the spirit, or a person for that matter, either a.) does’t know what they are talking about or
b.) intentionally lying to you

So how do you test whether or not a spirit is being truthful? Check what the spirit says against three things.

  1. your own intuition. divination
  2. other known sources, people books, ect.
  3. ask a spirit you are working with on a regular basis, a guardian or pact spirit.

Asking the spirit to reveal something you already know if it is true or false will only tell you if the spirit is lying or being truthful about that particular question. I would assume most spirits wishing to lie to you would intentionally tell you the truth to gain your trust here. This method is flawed! Test everything you ever hear, read, or experience!

There’s always the notion that a spirit will lie. It doesn’t happen often and in most cases I don’t know why a spirit would have any motivation to lie unless working towards the baneful motives of another magician. Usually it’s not hard to tell when a spirit is lying though as they don’t really need to from my understanding.

What does a spirit have to gain from lying to someone? To me it’s like asking what would a demon do with your soul if it really was out for the thing? I just don’t see much purpose in either motivation from spiritual entities and I think this is one of those things that comes up when we try to pass on human qualities to things that aren’t human in order to try and understand them in some better sense.

Interesting thing about that Kitari, I did ask it the last time I saw it, but my senses retracted back into the physical as I awakened fully, so even though I could still intuitively sense its presence sitting there in the closet awhile longer, I just gave up and went back to sleep hoping to make tangible contact again…someone told me to light a white candle next to the bed, but untill I at least have a name to call it by that could be totally inconducive to my investigation…

Grab a chair or put a pillow on the floor and meditate in your room and let your mind clear up til the thoughts flowing into your head aren’t your own. Then start asking questions. You could simply get a name from that or it could turn into full blown conversation. Facing the closet might also help since you’re saying that’s where it resides I figured I’d put that in there.

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I’ll definately try that and get back to you on any results. I actually did go to that doorway in the closet before trying to communicate with it, but it must not have been around. It just sort of comes and goes…since im on the subject though I want to put an excerpt from my personal book of shadows which might shed abit more light:

When I wad a child of somewhere between (6 and 9?) Years old I awoke one night in the midnight hours to a strange voice calling my name. At the time I was almost paralyzed with fear from such an alien sound, but I somehow managed to run into the bathroom and flip on the light. I could still hear the voice down the hallway continuing to call me, unaffected by my action, so I ran out into my mother’s room and shook her firmly and explained the situation. She just kept brushing me off and I couldn’t beleive she didn’t hear it. It was still calling me. She told me to “sing church songs in my head” and it would go away, so I did, and it left after a short while longer. In that same apartment, at the same age I began to lucid dream to the point of maintaining consciousness directly into sleep-totally unintentionally and unaware of what I was doing. As I got older I continued to lucid dream…
I also had many experiences where I would suddenly become lucid for no appearant reason whatsoever and just drop out of the dream and into the abyss, or get swept by some powerful magnetic current of energy off through the layers of reality, but I would always force myself to wake up just short of…arriving…through focused will out of fear of the unknown…"

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Letting go of that fear is crucial to anybodies ascent. Next time you feel its presence like you have before focus on that feeling and meditate down like I told you. Even if it doesn’t offer anything useful theirs always something profound in your first contact with a spiritual being. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.

In my business I deal with a lot of malevolent entities that can paralyze you in fear if you don’t have the right mindset. What you want to do is basically project the same energy and then increase it until you are radiating much more malevolent energy than the entity

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The last thing you want to do is back down to these entities. They know when your scared and will take advantage of the situation. Some of these entities in my opinion get their kicks in playing on your fears. They remind me of bullies, seeking weak people to prey on but get the fright of their lives when you stand up for yourself. Don’t take their shit or you will never be able to walk the path of a magician.

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It’s quite a bit more than kicks these entities these spirits take by scaring you. Its your energy ir life force.

My friend, I know they are after ones life force, I have wards up at the moment. These things have been in my life since a child and have grown so use to them that I consider them as pests. But at the same time I consider they derive their intent by playing games with us to frighten us more and along the way enjoy themselves. This is the way I have always perceived them but I never underestimate what they are doing. The very young, the very old, the crippled it doesn’t matter, these things have no conscience, they will feed. The first step is to face the fear.

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I always looked at these kind of things like parasites. I would say they get no more enjoyment out of scaring you than a mosquito or tick gets from drinking ones blood. It’s their method of obtaining what they need. That doesn’t make them less of a pest or annoyance I just don’t take it personally and that helps me keep the fear factor down.

Since doing the darkness meditations more I have noticed an increased perception of these things. Small black blobs darting around or shadows passing by. Lately I keep seeing someone in a white shirt walking towards me from my peripheral vision but it always leaves before I can get a good look.

I know of the ‘white shirt’ that you speak of. I found it to be quite interesting as a break from the moving blackness. I also found it quite elusive in the way that when I thought I would see more of it, it would disappear. The more I practiced those meditations sometimes the clearer the ‘white shirt’ would become. I don’t do that meditation anymore but I would be interested if you make any revelations in regards to this. When I met with a sticking point, I would change environments hoping that would promote growth within myself.

The weird thing I see the moving blackness in a lot of different environments and “Mr. White” as I call it on my job more than anywhere else. I thought that since the darkness exercises are supposed to make one more receptive that I was seeing someone’s consciousness or they were projecting during a dream about work.

I noticed I don’t see the other entity that people here referred to as Nox anymore. I was very uncomfortable with it to begin with but the more things it showed me the more I warmed up for lack of better term. I’ve been hoping he’ll pay me another visit since he teaches or shows me something every time he comes.

I see, so it could be the cause of all the sleep paralysis I experienced as well…the first time I saw it visibly beheld a little astral human form, like an elf or something, crawling on my lamp and when I sat up and shouted at it it jumped off and just sort of dissolved as my senses came back into the physical. Then in the closet it appeared as an obscure shadow with glowing red eyes, once again, as I awoke I sensed its presence there but couldnt hear it if it was saying something…

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Okay, if your talking about sleep paralysis the figure that is ‘’ often “associated with that is 'The man with the hat” or another figure which I refer to as a “Black Ghost” because it looks like it has a black sheet draped over itself. These figures usually stand near walls, crouch in corners or perch on window sills and they are the entity which falls upon your body and gives you that “sinking feeling”. They prefer to land on your chest but if the opportunity does not present itself they will land on your side. When they envelope your body sleep paralysis occurs. But they can also bring this paralysis by inflicting fear in the individual. But it even goes beyond that I believe as I have studied these things for many years. Now you don’t always have to be asleep to perceive these things, you can be fully awake. You also don’t have to be involved in magic for these things to approach you. When speaking to author Donald Kraig about this and another well experienced magician but they could not not give an honest answer about this as they had never personally come across it. I appreciated their honesty.