Astral Hookups thread Males & Females welcome

So in TMW 4, a lot of the themes for it were very sexual in nature, people discussing hook-ups and shit as well so I thought why not create a thread where people can discuss whether or not they want astral bootycalls or not :joy:

Have fun


Not really interested. But it could be fun down the line maybe.

BALG is too thirsty sometimes.


:joy: I agree, as I said, I created the thread as a place for those who are interested in astral hook-ups with each other


I think people handle this via seedy back channel negotiations, or they just dial in.

NoFappers on BALG be like

Damn I wish I could join in but sadly every time I astral project my instincts kick in and I end up getting distracted. I shit you not one time I went to bed hungry wanting to visit nyx on the astral plain but ended up astral projecting into a Burger King. :joy:


On the plus side at least you’ve bumped up this thread :joy:


I dare any vampires to travel astrally and get on with me… In return I offer energy. Plenty to take. Do say you are going to do so, its just nice and polite to know someone’s coming.


I appreciate the offer but will have to decline. Feeding is very personal for me and I tend to be very picky.


Me too. This is a one time offer. And it is not gonna go for long, I’ll give it 48 hours.


Am interested

Keep in mind if anyone is trying to hook up with me I likely will not accept and things to know about me:
I am a male, 18 and Straight-I’m not into buttstuff or gay stuff(unless I shapeshift into more more feminine aspect :eyes: as many are aware of my feminine energy)


Tell me what I need to know issam

That’s an obe not astral projection

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I still consider them the same thing obe’s are just when you’re astral body stays in this plane of reality.


They are very different since first of all yes it’s different places. Second when you perform an obe your soul stays in your body and it’s just your spirit that leaves. In an astral projection your soul goes with you and part of it stays as an anchor. U do t have a body of light in an obe. And you don’t have as much control


It’s starting to look like a sausage part in here. Does anyone have the ability to invite some females to the group?

:joy:people will “come” in time

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I think you mean “cum”

Sry ima straight vamp