Astral Eye and ear possession possible?

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Just wondering if I and a mate could meet at my astral temple, where I can somehow bring him into my eyes and ears to over see something important tomorrow morning?

If this is possible, what beings could help, and what could help me achieve this body part type possession?

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In principle, yes.

As in, he possesses you in the astral and you stay possessed by him in the physical? Why on earth would you want this??

Why don’t you look for a practical solution. Like asking an entity to help involve your friend in the situation in their own body.

Read up about possession before opening yourself up to it and inviting beings in.


The first part is possible. My father and one of his friends used to meet in dream states and arrange a location and time to meet the following day for confirmation.
As for the second part, that I don’t know about. But if you need this up and running by tomorrow you really don’t have time to experiment and test. In practical terms, if theres something important you want him to seem, is it possible to video it whatever it is? Or is it the sort of thing that one doesn’t video…

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As noted, meeting in the astral is possible if you both have the skills.

If the event is happening in your astral temple, then he will be there and doesn’t need to posses you to see it.
If the event is physical he doesn’t need to go to your astral temple to see it, this is an extra step that’s not helpful. It’s easiest if he is the one doing the possessing.

I haven’t heard of people invoking others to the point that they notice they are possessing someone else, but maybe it’s just not something people try enough to talk about here. Most folks are solitary practitioners, and the covens have each other and don’t bring their internal experiments to BALG, and couldn’t talk about it as coven practice as that would look like recruiting, which is against the rules.

He would be better off using the technique of “Remote Viewing” to watch the event. It doesn’t need to involve you at all. In which case he can do this at any time to get the information.

Try Paimon for helping develop this skill.

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Ahh yeah, remote viewing would be the better solution here. Can they hear what’s around them though?

Merging Astral Consciousness . This free technique help.

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Yes, when you get full “site contact” as it’s called in RV< that’s the same thing as soul travel aka astral projections where you are fully bilocated and it’s as if you were there, similar to lucid dreaming.

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