Astral evocation

Are there any good books regarding Astral Evocation?

How does one hear or see spirits when evoking astrally?

From what I have seen and heard, It is something that doesn’t need any materials. Therefore Astral evocation seems to be more chilled but I haven’t found any good tutorials or books regarding it.

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Are you talking about evoking within an astral temple?

Or are you referring to evoking physically but viewing the spirit within a scrying device like a black mirror?

Because using a scrying device to view and communicate with the spirit is often referred to as an astral evocation because you are not evoking the spirit into full physical manifestation ie using a manifestation base such as incense so the spirit remains in the astral.


AH yes I meant evoking in an astral temple.

Not scrying.

Cause with scrying its like the entity is with you in ur room but in astral temple, it’s like the entity is with you in ur mind only. I think.

Do you know of any good sources or books I can learn from about evoking in astral temple?

No, because evoking in an astral temple is the same as evoking in a physical temple. The only real difference is the tools used are created in your imagination, and it is easier for the spirit to manifest since they don’t have to descend as far.

Basically, all you do is imagine a space into existence, in whatever shape you desire. Decorate it as you wish, and then perform an evocation, the same as you would in the “real” world, except that you are not limited in what you can do. For example, while in your physical room it would most likely be unfeasible to have a nine foot circle of fire for the evocation of the elemental king Djinn. However, it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy to create one in your temple.

It usually take a several attempts at building an astral temple before it stays solid enough to not change every time you enter it.

EA devotes a page in his book Baneful Magick to creating an astral temple and using it for evocation.


Thank you so much man

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Do you have a copy of Baneful Magick?

If not, I can paraphrase EA’s directions for you.

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Oh please do not. No need to trouble yourself. Thank you so much for your offer. It’s much appreciate. :slight_smile:

And yeah I do have a copy of his book Baneful Magick. Thanks

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Page 111 is the instructions, I believe.


AH yes found it. In the chapter of Voodoo Death. Lol I was searching for it and failed to find it. Thank you so much again. I

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You might find Astral Doorways by J.H. Brennan useful. It’s a very practical guide. I can recommend it.

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do you evoke enitiys to physical form?

or just in a mirror?

I’ve done both.