Astral Evocation of Thalos


It’s my first post here.

I work with obe since three years. I ve had many success and it became easy for me to project during the night.

I am new to évocation.

Last night I ve experienced something quite interesting : after leaving my body i went in my bathroom. Here Ive drawn the sigil of Thalos on the wall, with my finger. The sigil appeared like a ghostly shadow. I focused on it, calling Thalos to come to me. The sigil began to flash with blue light.
Ive suddenly been pulled inside the wall as if i was pulled in a wall of water.
I emerged in the other side. I was lying in a liquid like in a swimmingpool for child and a blond woman came to me.
We made love. Well … in fact she went on me and she made me love.

After that I fall in a usual dream.

I don’t know if this was an avatar of Thalos because in the KoF the demon is discribed as a wind.
Therefor i completly forgot to request help for Mastering obe …

Thanks for reading !


Today I’ve opened Thalos Sigil to communicate with him.

I asked how I could ease my mastery of astral projection. I thought that the answer would be to learn to relax and to loose my mind and my body.
It wasn’t what I received at all !
The answer was "no. You have to become aware that you exist both physical and astrally. So you always percieve astral datas. You have to become aware of what you already perceive. You are as the two side of a coin : one in the physical, one in astral. learn to unlocked perceptions you have shut off. "

Very, very interesting.


una pregunta, cual es su sigilo?