Astral earth ascension


Have any of you heard of Astral Earth? Astral Earth is just like this plane except it is a bump higher in vibration. In that plane, you are in the astral but you have full physical form and are able to eat, and do other things. I know about this realm because many people I know soul traveled to it. In book of Azazel, it says this is the only plane where you can become a god. My question is, why can you not become a god there. In Astral Earth beings have physical bodies, so why can’t you practice evocations and gain power there. Isn’t it better than doing it here? in astral Earth, there are no health problems and no need for jobs/money. And I know of many people who have gone there straight after death to the part of astral Earth that they lived here. That throws out some people’s theories that spirits have no ability to enjoy the five senses. Also, people talk about their theories that the gods cannot create their own physical reality. I would think that if human has the ability to create their own astral realms, then a god can.
so why do people say that you can’t ascend in astral plane.


Me personally I think ascension is ascension, you can do it in any plane. You can move between the planes after ascension anyway. Also evocation is not the only way to gain power.
And I like astral earth.


Is this in the Compendium of Azazel or the Azazel Grimoire ??


Not sure


To be fair in some views the astral is the collective unconscious or a plane that is like a mental plane where thoughts, imaginations, fears, desires, can manifest on a whim due to the very loose density. Anyone and anything can create whatever they want there. Though based on what you said “a bump higher in vibration” sounds like the etheric plane where humans, nonhumans, and such reside/can go and live and eating and such is still a thing, though I feel as though the idea of currency exists everywhere just in different forms. Except for the astral since your imagination can create just about anything there. Though in any plane people can create what is called a pocket realm which is a small space within reality where they are practically god of that small place.

I am not sure what you mean by ascend to the astral unless you mean dying and going there, and if so I’m kind of on the idea that since it’s a realm where thoughtforms and such reside you can maybe stay there but I don’t believe one can reincarnate there, but I assume it’s probable to create a small pocket realm there for yourself after death.