Astral combat

So I have been hearing that it is good to learn how to fight on the astral plane. What’s up with that?


Have you experienced astral projection or soul travel yet?

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Yes, but very, very limited. I am not wanting to get started in combat yet, however, I have experienced a degree of trouble from a local occult organization and I am trying to put the pieces together. I feel the more knowledge that I have on that issue, the better.

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I was just trying to see where you were so I had a point of reference to start from.

Ok, if I were standing in front of you and I threw a punch at your face, you would do something other than just stand there. Hopefully. lol

It’s the same thing in the astral.

The difference is the moment you think it, you can create it in the astral.

So you might experience me shapeshifting into a black hybrid werewolf and swiping a claw at you. The more skilled I am, the more my attacks will just flow together.

For example, you might throw your hand up to block and discover you’ve created a shield made of glowing energy like a force field and you slid back a few feet from the impact. The moment you think “sword”, you find one in your hand.

The trick is realizing you are actually astral projecting at the time you’re getting attacked.

I’ve experienced several attacks from astral parasites that I thought were happening here in the physical world, so I didn’t reach for the more creative astral attacks. I just used the energy work I would use in the physical world if I were getting magickally attacked.

You just need to realize astral combat is a form of controlling and manipulating energy through your Will.

You can use it while astral projecting, mentally projecting (like I do), and even within your own imagination while in a trance state to direct your energy.

I was magickally attacked the other day. You can read about the experience from my point-of-view in this thread …
A Nocturnal Visitor

That should give you an idea of how astral combat can feel, although I was performing it using my imagination and mental projection (rather than astral projection).

By the way, the difference in mental and astral projection for me is the way I experience it. Mental projection is more like a memory for me, while astral projection feels as real to me as my physical experience.


hmm interesting stuff. Its late. I will look into this more later. TY

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You’re welcome. Hope it helps.

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“The more skilled I am, the more my attacks will just flow together”- @valkarath

More Epic wisdom from the Master


@Micah … shit, I’m no Master, brother. I’m just stumbling around in the dark looking for the next step on my own path, the same as the rest of us. Meet you at the campfire. :smile:

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You’re filling those shoes, the reason is you’re doing the work, you’re moving forward and passing back along the line what you see - which is the definition of a Master.

The moment someone on our path decides to sit on their ass (I don’t believe you’d ever do this btw!) and 1/ start handing down fine prognostications of what Truth is and so on, without any longer challenging themselves and doing the work, and/or 2/ falls so in love with their own reflected competence that all they care about is defending and displaying it, then like Icarus, they will fall.

You may or may not “be” a Master, but you’re acting as one acts, so in a cool quantum-physics :slight_smile: kind of way, that IS actually the same thing.


You never know, you might be … The Last Dragon! lol

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Just call me … SHO 'NUFF!!! lol

I loved that goofy movie as a kid. Hell, I loved all those goofy martial arts movies as a kid. Especially the ninja ones.

Valkarath puts on his black pajamas, dives and rolls between the cars, setting off car alarm after car alarm.




Fuck it I’m a martial artist so from my sensei "when you think you havecmastered something go back to the beginning " look not for mastery rather look for growth

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