Astral blindness?

Was trying to do some astral work (checking in on my temple mostly) but was having dificulties seeing out my left eye… right eye and third eye worked fine but left eye was just… glazed over? All i could see out of it was light grayish haze. Non-astral im right eye dominant, and until recently havent had any vision problems (astrally or in day to day life) i have a small stigma and a tear in my left eye that becomes irritated ocassionally, but ive not had anything of that nature at all within the past 2+ months.

Not sure if this astral blindness is something to be concerned about or if there is a way to heal or not?

Thx for help.


There might be a connection between your astral left eye and your physical left eye, especially since you mention some issues with the physical one. Maybe get it checked out, and see if that helps.

It’s only happened recently, the physical eye thing has been a few years though =/ seems to be back to normal for me now though so guess ill not worry about it

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