Astral ant cleansing

visualize a horde of ants surrounding your body and aura eating all negativities you can call upon demons to empower these astral entities preferably the ants should be violet as that is the color of cleansing but they can be any color you chose you can program the ants to eat away at anything pretty much. Have them cleanse you of guilt they can eat away at pretty much any thing that is built up energy. Please be sure to let me know your experiences when trying this.


Live it @Asorotiath . Next time I cleanse I will do this :heart::blue_heart:

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Nice! I like ants, they’re cute and industrious, sounds perfect.


Can visualisations really help?
Never experienced.


Yes they can then you can move on to tactile imagery look it up and you can combine them two

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Explain the logic, please.
How should visualised ants work?

Well just like astral light it is a tool to cleanse your self any visualization can be programmed to fit what your intent is

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“Self fulfilling prophecy?”

read now… thinking

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Some work better then others and it also depends on your mind set

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Are you able to explain the procedure/logic?
Visualisations are known as imaginations by me.
To “dynamize” pictures f.e. can be used as an astral exercise for me but this never had an effect instead of that what I wanted to see.

It’s all about the feeling of it. Tactile imagery you should research it

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