I am supposed To be doing grade work for I won’t mention what group…I have found my self. In probably the most ambitious work of my magickal life. I’m doing an asteroth working I see no difference in l.h.p and my thelema…im so pre occupied with this…the full moon is on the 2nd …Do any of you have any advice …ashera babalon…innana .Im looking for gnosis…

Learning to spell their names right would be a good start.
Then, finding out the proper pronunciation would be even better.
A modicum of research on each entity wouldn’t hurt either.
Not being snarky, just saying you’ve got to get the basics right before you can hope to achieve any magickal working.


I’m on a shitty phone with a. Cracked skreen

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I don’t think I’ve got nothing wrong …is my sigual correct?


My shit looks geto but intention is on…

It looks great. Also Asteroth is another pronounciation as well so dont stress about it. May your intention manifest perfectly brother!

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Try getting green Candles and sandalwood incense for her if you can.

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Aw you offered her flowers :’)

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Let me know how it goes


Demonic enn: Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth or Tasa Alora Astaroth Aken and you altar space is fine…read this Q&A with Astaroth and Tiamat it could be helpful