Astarte spoke to me/ fire scrying

Yesterday I was trying to fire scry in my red candle with intentions of love with someone . I felt like I kept seeing his figure in the fire . As the flame remained mostly steady and tall . At times it was getting (unaveragely high) dancing flame . With some flickers & pops . I knew there was resistance … and it hurt

I next hear a soft voice . I’ve only ever spoken to Mother Hekate . I believe it was Goddess Astarte . Urging me to do the love spell . That it would give me what I want . I’m unsure what i should do . I need to make sure I get Hekates full perspective first. I dont want to offend her . But I also want to open up my possibilities and paths n such

Advice ?

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Hecate, won’t have any problems with you working with Astarte.

I’m very sure of it. :heart: