Astarte Making me Lazy ? *-*

I can see myself very lazy did she made me this way it has benefits to but I cannot do any work. I thought it was Belphagor what is this? it is awkward

Maybe you need to explore why you like being lazy, is there a “true quest” in your life that you would prefer to do, that demotivates you from the things you think you “should” be doing?

No-one’s truly lazy in my experience, most people can be borderline fanatical when they find the thing they love.

So, even if you like to lie around all day and eat chocolate while half-watching TV, there is actually a state your trying hard to reach, or a thing you are trying hard to avoid.


You are right I hope she doesn’t mean harm. I realy think she is doing it maybe there is a reason which I do not know.


It’s down to you to make this mean something useful, sometimes things happen in your life and they can be your biggest disaster or greatest gift of awakening, it depends upon you to dig deep and find out what, and why.