Astaroth's eyes

So i just got off the phone with a buddy of mine. He still hasnt made an account on BALG so i am asking the question for him.

What color are Astaroth’s eyes?

He and his ritual buddy recently did an evocation. Which he states had a response. He tells me that one of the things she kept coming back to was green eyes. Stating that she saw them everywhere.

Does anyone have similar experiences with Astaroth?

Eyes have become important with my own work with the Goddess. But they are not green, sorry.

Here’s what I’ve been researching/discovering/been told.

She likes people with unique colored eyes. Green is a good color. You can tell a lot by people’s eyes. It’s also not uncommon for her to appear as what you want to see.

That being said, eyes were and are the most defining features I’ve seen when calling upon her.

I believe this may be related to the concept of the “evil eye.” Not saying the eyes are evil or putting mortal labels or constraints, but the two may be related as such that our eyes perceive that which is otherwise imperceptible and it stands to reason that their eyes do as well from across different planes of existence/dimensions/etc. think of it this way, let’s say you meet a pretty girl, what’s the first thing you both notice before making direct human contact, eye contact. :eyes:

Naamah a demon queen of Hell, bride of Samael and Goddess of love/lust…her eyes are green, quite feline shaped with lush full eyelashes. Could be her

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