Astaroth possesion and similarites to some mormon temple rituals

So last night I was searching youtube for more information on Astaroth, and of course the algorithm recommends videos, and I found this video of Mormon temple rituals.

After watching it, I was like WTF did Astaroth put me through when she possessed me. You see, when she possessed me and I started seeing stuff, things got really weird. That three knocks thing (or in some cases three sounds) the whole giving tokens through the veil thing.

Don’t get me started on the true meaning of baptism, the bulls, and the idea of somehow linking it to death. (There were a couple points where I went into the bathtub.)

I guess it is uncanny because I was raised Roman Catholic, so we don’t do this stuff and no one in my family is a Freemason. My parents were both very much against Freemasonry and any kind of secret order stuff (including college fraternities and sororities etc) , my mom is Catholic so obviously, and my dad didn’t want to claim to believe in a higher power.

Basically most of this stuff is mundane people going through some kind of play acting about what is on the other side, I mean, it is basically like people pretending they are really doing stuff, and they are drawn to it and don’t really understand why.