Astaroth pact(questions)

I did a blood pact with my matron goddess, Astaroth, at january, and i did ask for money and other things, then at february a necromantic spirit sayed to me to do a ritual in cemitery, and seal the pact with Astaroth and sayed that ‘‘in 6 moons, 6 months, August, you will got what you writed and longed for’’ but i got my doubts that it was really a spirit sent by Astaroth, or if it was just a astral parasite trying to get some energies, candles etc. I’m thinking about paying for a tarot session, because i live in a xtian house and i’m trying to buy my own house( i do my rituals outside, but the florest that i used to do has been closed).
My question is, tarot would be worthy for my doubts? Or i should use other methods?


Ask to Astaroth, If it was him.


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Ask her, you can use tarot or pendulum, I have a pact with her also combine both techniques.I do not believe that she would send someone else to decide on it, the pact is between you and her if you did not specify in what time period you should get what you asked, then it will certainly be when she decides.Very often there are obstacles that have to be overcome in order to achieve the desired result, I have also specified a certain period for some of my goals but it does not go at that speed, I have the pact since November.


What part of the florest that i used to do my rituals has been closed?

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I gonna try it

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