Astaroth, eye of abaddon

So, i was wondering, what is the gift of the eye of abaddon, some say that it can rip some false ego and lift one soul to understand the true meaning of casualty, is it true? Some who receives is going to go bananas? How the person fells it after receiving it and how does it change someone?

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Astaroth is related to the Lake of Fire and rebirth according to one’s true will. Abaddon is the Lord of the Pit and thus the Deathbringer. Abaddon is an excellent ally for banishing angels, parasites and bane workings. The eye of Abaddon is the Eye of Chaos.

Chao ab ordo! :dragon:


I can’t say specifically about what advantages this “gift” has. But if you contacting with Astaroth and if you look directly into his eyes, you will see and feel the deep abyss - black, impenetrable and endless. I did not investigate this “aspect” of him.

But I can say that Astaroth can work with your subconscious mind and help you realize the reasons for certain of your life situations and reactions. Perhaps the subconscious is also a kind of “abyss” where various reactions, suppressed emotions and fears lurk. Astaroth can help in understanding them (at least it was so in my experience).