Astaroth experience

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Hello i have been seeking my guide for about 2 years. I
was pulled all over the place and finally i had uncovered enough info on my own for my guide to tell me who they are.

They claim to be astaroth. She revealed herself to me during a dark time in my life, im still there. Was shopping one night and spacing off and before i knew it i was in front of an isis statue. And it occured to me to buy it. I decided not to, i bought some candles instead(later found out they were her color), on my way to my car it popped in my head “BUY IT” , and i felt someone behind me so i turned around and right at that moment the street light above thr store with the statue turned on. So i went and bought it.

Now a for days before this, id meditate and see green vipers. I had no idea what it meant till i researched isis and found the astaroth connection. Started researching astaroth and all the dots from 2 years of work finally connected. She is high ranking so i didnt bother delve into her stories before nor did i consider her being a guide to me.

Answers she gave: so a few days after i figured out her calling and honored her, i busted out my pendulum, threw on some trance drumming, and went into trance with the pendulum in hand.
“Is my name kade?” (Yes)
“Are my eyes green?”(yes)
[These were confirmations the pendulum was working]
“Is king paimon my guardian demon?”(no)
“Is aamon my guardian demon?”(no)
“Is astaroth my guardian demon?”(yes)
“Is my situation meant to be?”(yes)
“Are you guiding us through this?”(yes)
“Is my aura green?”(yes) [confirmation]
“Is there a succubus attached to me?” (No)
“Is there a succubus around me?”(yes)
“Were you the blonde woman from my dreams?”(yes)
(Someone told me my right eye had a hexagram over it above my tear birthmark so i decided to ask)
“Is my right eye blessed by you?”(no)
“Is my right eye blessed by another?”(yes)
“Did horus bless it?”(no)
“Did ra bless it?”(yes)
“Did i ask for it?”(no)
“Did he do it of his own free will?”(yes)
“Did you like the crystals i offered you?”(yes)
“Am i ascended?”(no)
“Have i ascended in a past life?”(it shook side to side)
“Did i get close?”(yes)
“Do you think i can ascend if i dedicate to it?”(yes)
“Am i lineage to satan?”(no)
“Am i human”(shook side to side)
“Was i born of satan”(biggest yes i got)

So i included all the questions i asked. May have forgotten some meaningless ones.

My questions:
What does it mean to be born of satan? Does anyone have experience with this ra blessing? Whyd it give me a maybe when i asked if im human? Why would there be a succubus around me but not attached?

Any experiences with astaroth is very welcomed. I need to learn as much as i can about her. Also if anyone knows more about the eye thing. Ive always had a birthmark below and to the right of my right eye. Apparently i have a green hexagram above it in my aura field. This would make sense as i had an experience living with a possessed wiccan roommate where thr entity said i was protected and it hated me for it.

There is the possibility of a trickster spirit, but ive been getting signs and visions leading to this for 2 years so to me it seems unlikely.


I have read in Lavey’s works that Satanists are born. He claims this so maybe someone remembers in which of Lavey’s texts is that written.

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Ive had visions of a young boy who looked related to me or maybe me in a past life. He was holding a necronomicon and his eyes were rolled back. I sleep with my eyes half open and rolled back(have my whole life) so maybe it carries over from past lives. Like our guides wake us up and help us remember?

I’ve had a very similar relationship with Astaroth, and it’s good to know that you have to be born of this. I was marked since birth and received a dagger birthmark. I tried to willingly bind myself to a succubus, but Lilith bound me to Astaroth instead. Fortunate for me, knowing now how they can siphon your emotional energy. I like to think someone downstairs cares a great deal about me. Maybe I have a special purpose to help the world.

I think the high offices are assigned to people who had advanced to a degree in past lives. Continuing the work so to speak. I woildnt assume it makes us special, its just what she told me.