Assistance with Death Spell for Individual who refuses to pay $8500 owed

Hey everyone, I am a former member of wizardforums, I am hoping that you all can assist me with some brainstorming.

Long story short is I sold some items to an organization after getting the goods, getting a bunch of freebies in my attempt to secure future business, they are now saying that they refuse to pay the agreed upon sum. In fact two members of the organization the second and third in command flatly told me either send an invoice with a lower price i.e. $1500 lower or we will not pay you. Upon meeting the number 2 for the first time he commented that he was expecting someone who looked older and richer. These are scumbags for a fairly large organization that takes pleasure in screwing over the small guy.

I am meeting with a seasoned lawyer on Tuesday. I have performed a few death spells on the number 3 from koetting’s baneful magick and a few other death spells created by me. Since then I heard 2 weeks ago that he was ill and had taken sick leave, last week he missed a high profile event BUT alas he is still alive. Even more troubling I still have not been paid, I did a few compellance spells on the number two but those were too weak. I have been keeping up with protection by doing the pentagram banishing, using protection powder (made by me) and feeding my guard.

Based on the fact that the number 3 started this I have been devoting my attention to sending him to the afterlife. Can you guys please give me any suggestions on surefire spells to ensure that this unethical, morally bankrupt individual dies in august 2018. I want to also point out that I desperately need the money I actually owe my mother $10,000 and I was hoping to pay her $5000 and use the remainder to buy more items to sell.

I thank you for reading and for your replies.

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So you have no money but your debtor is dead?

I’d suggest Naamah because She really is the Material Goddess. Everyone associates Her with love/sex, but She’s great at materialising stuff - in your case, money.



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I agree that maybe you need to get money from the living to solve your problem. You could kill the people involved, but that doesn’t exactly give the organization an incentive to pay you what you demand. I can only guess why they’re going back on a sale of goods agreement, but my assumption is that it’s because the organization didn’t or won’t approve of spending $8,500 on whatever you sold them, and it still won’t, regardless if three of its employees are dead. It may be more practical to go over their heads and send an invoice to someone else in the company or to begin litigation if you have an agreement and these men were agents of the organization.

I guess my question would be: do you know if the compellance spells haven’t worked? How long does it usually take this organization to pay invoices?

Hi Uncle-AL lol I have to laugh, he is not dead unfortunately and yes I have no money.

I will definitely look into Naamah thanks for suggesting.

hello I have done so, also can you please tell me how to multi-quote?

Hi wickedpea, I see you have your thinking cap on. However, the number 4 in the organization has said to me it is disgraceful the manner in which they are treating me and said she would see that is approved if it were up to her. Regardless of whether these dirt bags are dead or alive the organization HAS to pay, it would become a matter of what they would pay. At this point I am sticking out for my billed amount. However, whether or not I am paid the agreed upon sum number 3 has to go to the land of the dead. I found out he has been screwing over people for YEARS now. You should have heard the things he said to me pretty much “suck it up, you got conned and we can con you we are powerful, you not so much”

I used fairly involved rituals with a high level of rage, concentration and many interesting substances in the death rituals. For the compellance spells I used a white candle, number 2 picture beneath, number 2 name inscribed, anointed with compellance oil I also chanted over it. However, this seems too simple and I was also very tired when I did them as I had done them after the death ones.

Do you have any spells you would like to suggest?

If they agreed to a set amount of money for goods, then that is the amount they owe, period, so you should be paid that amount. I don’t know where you live, but in the United States, this is how it works; they can’t modify a contract for a sale of goods once it’s been performed and completed. They have the goods now, so they owe $8,500. If they work for the organization and represent it, then the organization is legally bound by the contracts dirt bag 1 - 3 make. I can’t see any reason why you should accept a breach of contract. It’s likely that it will cost them more than $8,500 in legal fees to defend themselves.

But if number 3 needs to go and is begging for someone to destroy him, regardless of your unpaid bill, I think this a separate issue and something you could probably accomplish once your needs are fulfilled.

Just for energy’s sake, I would suggest that you destroy him after you get paid, since you’re going into your compellance spells drained. They need rage too, or they won’t work.

I am not in the USA, I am in a third world country filled with dirt bags that Americans love to vacation in. Things do NOT work even remotely how you have described. A court date alone may be years from now and given the ties of these powerful corporations with the Masonic Supreme Court Judges I may lose if I do not expend even more energy.

With that said I am continuing my work to bring about the destruction of #3 if anyone has any sure-fire suggestions regarding the death spells and the compellance please let me know.


You did get paid, just not in a way that feels good or came in a form that is apparent. You got paid in knowledge. You now know not to send product until you get paid. You also learned not to risk what you can’t afford to lose. Honestly, US $8,500 is not nearly as much as this knowledge costs some people.

smh I have to wonder about some folks, this is standard procedure in b2b sales 50% deposit and another 50% after goods have been delivered. Most large companies do not pay you before they get product, you get paid after you get product.

Folks commenting with nothing really beneficial I miss WF.

Maybe where you are works different than where I am. Here, where I run MY businesses, I pay my suppliers in full, and they send it to me. When someone buys something from me, they pay or I do not ship. Now, I will grant you that the legal structure here lends some different angles, but…

I also do business with suppliers in India, China, Hong Kong, and the UK. B2B. And the same holds true with them. As the saying goes, “no tickey? no laundry.”

I gave you something of far greater benefit than any shortsighted curse will; a chance to learn and grow. if you cannot see that, than I am not really shocked that you got taken for over 8 large. Maybe business isn’t for you, lol.


Killing the guy wont solve your problemo.

First of all get your money back. Contact a powerful spirit that you trust.
Second you could go on a revenge spree after you get the money. Those bastards could be used as practice targets for years to come :wink: :smiling_imp: :joy: or once you get the money kill them if you want.

I would suggest King Paimon, he is known to be best for manipulation. He could unleash his legions to manipulate the whole organisation to pay you. As far as I know human manipulation spells/binding spells are done on saturdays, any saturnian spirit would help e.g. Shanidev.

Thanks I will look into King Paimon, as I explained before with these guys out of the picture especially #3 I am very likely to get the figure I asked for. Again, I did not ask for advice for the situation I asked for DEATH SPELLS and COMPELLANCE spells!!!

This is like me asking for body kit suggestions for my Lexus and folks are commenting why I got a Lexus instead of a BMW and why don’t I tint it first and change the rims instead of a kit.

I know what I want to do, I am not asking opinions on my course of actions. I am asking if you have any ideas for effective death spells against wicked individuals and compellance spells for people to pay a debt. Sheesh. Wondering how some folks believe they know someone’s situation better than them.

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This could be updated to make them pay the debts.

Hope it helps you :slight_smile:

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thanks so much!

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