Assistance needed to decipher the meaning of a dream / Shadow Chaser

I had a dream two nights ago. Before getting to bed I asked the universe to reveal to me the meaning and reason behind my incarnation on earth now. During that same night I had a dream that was pretty vivid and during that dream, I was like, chasing and wanting to meet creatures of the night of all kinds, by either calling them or and provoking them to appear. At the end of the dream, a big revelation; the universe said I was born here because i was to be a ‘shadow chaser’ on earth. my big question is; what is a shadow chaser? I know I remember those terms correctly in the dream. So the terms I am not mistaken. Shadow chaser it is. But I searched the internet, no information what so ever. Based on what I have told about the dream, does someone knows what it means to be a shadow chaser?

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Shadow work is when you investigate and understand those aspects of yourself that are hidden or not easily accepted.

The praise of all sovereign spirits, imo, is to experience and evolve. Shadow work is part of evolving.

So I would read this as saying you are using Earth as a springboard to experience and learn about yourself. And maybe work though some things that changed you in past lives not just this one.

Update; I meant to say that it was either a dream or a soul-journey - that I had.

I would like to know what is a shadow chaser, either in magic terminology or in occultism or spirituality. Been having an insight lately about myself and I have searched the internet for that term and couldn’t find any. At first I though it was a sort of exorcist that chases spirits that roams in the night and cleanse them to find peace maybe. Can’t be sure.

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I think you’re the first person to have this phrase come to them. it’s not a thing as far as I’m aware.

You might like to check out the Shadownomicon grimoire by D.H, Thorne though. :thinking:

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Thank you! I didn’t know he wrote a book. Have a pleasant Fengshui Day! :slight_smile:

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