Assistance from spirits in creating Major Arcana

Today I asked the assistance of some spirits to help me and inspire me in creating images for a major arcana deck of tarot cards. I decided to share my results. Feel free to comment and tell me your opinion~
Here is a link for viewing the folder with my photos:

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Fuck… people ignore this, coz it’s “some guy on a forum” and forgetting that everything we have was some guy m(or gal) seeing weord shit and handing it on.

THANK YOU - going to look into this, and see what’s for MY reality! :slight_smile:

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Hhaah I always enjoy your comments Lady Eva :smiley:

Really good work, fascinating imagery. Thank you. :slight_smile:

I appreciate that you viewed and thank you for your kind words.

The Fool and the Hermit were especially well done, abstracted but very archetypally recognizabe. Nice use of symbolism to suggest forms and motions as well.

Thank you very much. The spirits helped me alot especialy in the Hanged man they where providing me with a ton of images which then I combined.

UPDATE: Today iI channeled the spirits again and they helped me in creating the minor arcana of wands. Iam sorry about the crappy artwork but I was in a state of trance and automatic writing. Tell me what you think guys.