Assemblage Point Shift

Friday, June 3rd at somewhere between 15:55 and 16:05, something really weird happened.

Besides several mood swings, I had suddenly started gazing at the whiteboard, in the middle of the class. I could not move, but the world around me shifted and turned into different colors, a variety of colors. I sat there motionless, and no one could break me out of the trance.

It was the Big Break so everyone had gone outside and just left me there, alone, since this isn’t the first time I’ve done something weird like that. But I felt as though my entire world was changing, being plucked apart, and made back together.

I could not move, I was actually paralyzed, but I also felt electrocuted. After around fifteen minutes of this I was snapped back into reality, and it was extremely painful.

Not in a physical type of way, but I felt like I was on another planet. NOTHING made any sense, it was like culture shock for this reality altogether. Like I had moved not into a different world, but my perception broadened.

The world felt weird it was weird, and I felt capable of doing more unrealistic things, bigger things. So I put that to the test, on some results, and it happened. I was later informed by one of my allies that my assemblage point had shifted spontaneously for a time.

In the Castaneda books, lots of work goes into shifting the assemblage point. To shift someone’s assemblage point, one needs both to see and the strength of a nagual. I can see, though it takes more effort, and I lack the strength needed. A spirit did it once for me, but it was only for one ritual, and it went back into its original position.

So my question is, can this shift so rapidly and suddenly? Can someone scry into the past, and see if that’s what happened in that moment?

And then scry into the present and see if it’s still there?

I need to learn to replicate this.

Wow, that’s a powerful and interesting experience. Thanks for sharing it.

I haven’t felt this exact shift you had, but I’ve definitely felt “the world felt weird, it was weird” part very clearly a few days ago.

I had actually called my future godform down to rest around my physical body while I slept. I just instinctively knew I would kind of “stew in my own juices” and bring the two realities closer together.

And it worked. I felt huge, gigantic, larger than the universe. My perception was not my physical reality.

About 3 hours later, I had to go to the bathroom. That was an interesting experience. lol It was like I was aware of two different viewpoints of consciousness at the same time. In my physical reality, I was trying to use the toilet … but in my godform reality, the toilet was tiny.

I had to concentrate and really focus on my body to accomplish my physical task. Like I’d forgot how to make the meat suit work. lol

Very weird and interesting experience, for sure. :slight_smile:

So my question is, can this shift so rapidly and suddenly?

In my own experience, change always occurs in the space between breaths … always in an instant. The moment I truly decide something, it is done. It just takes a little time for it to manifest in my physical reality sometimes.

Everything I’ve experienced, and the experiences of others, convinces me that gap can be shortened dramatically. Can it be completely eliminated? I don’t know. I haven’t experienced it yet. :slight_smile:

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Of course it can, especially if you’ve been at it awhile and gained some fluidity. Once you get used to those shifts, they’re not as panic inducing, and you don’t cling to the first attention so fiercely, which is what prevents rapid and sudden shifts.

The Second Attention will do that for you.

Imagine everything you know is heaped together in a great big ball, like the earth. If you were to take a globe or Google Earth, and mark down everywhere you’ve been in the past week, month, or even year, you would only have a relatively small spot marked compared to all the potential places you could have gone. That spot is the FIRST ATTENTION, the prison which binds muggles.

The SECOND ATTENTION is any place on that globe that is outside those areas you commonly haunt. The places you don’t visit for no other reason than habit. These different locations offer different perspective since they are made up of different ideas and concepts, so of course new possibilities are going to open up for you.

It’s important to note that the 1st and 2nd attention can vary greatly from person to person. What’s 1A for could be 2A for you. (Again with the globe analogy, two people living in different parts of the wold would have different first attentions)

Also, second attention can easily become first attention. When writers use substances to help them write, it’s not the substance that helps, it the shift of the assemblage point from 1st to 2nd attention. Abuse that substance, and it becomes your new normal, no longer providing the necessary shift.

The THIRD ATTENTION (last one, I swear!) lies beyond the boundaries of the known. The sum of everything you know is the second attention. The parts of everything you know that you actually use on a regular basis are the first attention.

It’s really difficult to describe whats going on in the third attention after you’ve experienced it, because by definition, you have no points of reference to compare it to.

You don’t need to see for AP shifting, and honestly, people who have seen are pretty rare even in hardcore CC groups. There’s a pretty easy way to tell. Seeing is ALWAYS accompanied by the voice of seeing. Unless the voice of seeing is telling stuff, what you’re experiencing is NOT seeing. You can however have the voice of seeing without actually seeing.

What is needed to shift the assemblage point is Personal Power. It’s surprising how little my Castaneda peers know about practical magic, but that’s because the their magical system is focused primarily on the acquisition of Personal Power.

Personal power, in my opinion, is a measure of how much focused attention you can bring to bear. We are born with a finite amount of attention with no way to get more. Not knowing it’s true value, we’ve squandered most of it on egotistical concerns, which leaves the average person precious little to operate with. Like malware eating up your computer’s resources. The pursuit of personal power is reclaiming that invested attention.

The result of personal power is that when you focus on something, that focus has more and more attention behind it, giving it more weight. It can be the difference between a dripping faucet and a fire hose. Problem is, that shit doesn’t turn off (unless you backslide), so you NEED to learn to be impeccable, or you end up screwing yourself.

A shift of the assemblage point is just your attention moving from one place to another. If the lion’s share of your attention is invested in egotistical subroutines, that’s going to keep you anchored in place. As you shut down those processes, not only do you have fewer anchor points holding you back, but you’re moving more of the stuff around that you want to get from one place to another when you focus your attention. It’s really not so hard to reach a tipping point where you have more attention free for whatever you want to apply it to than you have in ego fluff.

If you want to experience that specific AP location again, come up with a sigil to represent it in an abstract manner, use that sigil as a focal point, and focus on that mother fucker until you have more attention on it than you do on ego. Becomes easier the more personal power you accumulate. Then off you go.

Any magical tool is just a marker for a specific AP location. Most magical symbols lead to AP locations within the second attention, because honestly, those are just easier to use than the third attention. You can have some that lead to the third attention, but for practical magic, there’s not much use for that sort of batshit crazy.

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Is that not the core BALG philosophy? Contact an entity in the third attention and let it move your AP for you? Don Juan said it’s a matter of preference, but I prefer to move it myself. I don’t see how becoming reliant on an outside entity to shift your AP leads to godhood.

It takes a good quantity of stored power to shift the assemblage point. Don Juan Matus says that the sorcerer must conserve his power to perform feats of Sorcery. Familiar Spirits and Allies are often employed to perform feats of Sorcery in the context of the Castaneda material. If you use any kind of mundane technology in your physical life why wouldn’t you apply the tools of spiritual technology?

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When you put it like that, it does sound pretty tempting.

Problem is, I’m kind of obsessed with fighting against having my AP shifted in that manner. I can’t help myself, I fight it tooth and nail. Not that I’m afraid, I can’t resist the challenge. They apply such an overbearing, unrelenting pressure. It’s awesome, and I’m compelled to test myself against it.

Although in all honesty, fighting back usually isn’t even an option, as it takes everything I have just to withstand the constant onslaught. I get my ass handed to my most of the time, possibly all the time, but I learn things from the way I was defeated. Both in how they accomplished it, and how I can deal with it.

Then there’s the efficiency of how they go about doing things, which is just wondrous to behold. Gives you something to aspire to in your magic, and really illustrates how magic is an art. That’s one of the main things I use to identify things that are not “me” in my dreams. Their skill and style are unmistakable. I’m not sure you get to fully appreciate that if you’re not struggling against it.

I can see how putting that efficiency towards something like money magic would do a way better job than I’ve been doing so far. Would also be useful to take me beyond my limited views. I’m warming up to the idea.

Still, to me there’s more godlike power in holding your ground against these things.

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[quote=“Arcane, post:1, topic:7895”]…
So my question is, can this shift so rapidly and suddenly? Can someone scry into the past, and see if that’s what happened in that moment?

And then scry into the present and see if it’s still there?

I need to learn to replicate this.[/quote]

Yes shifts can happen fast, within seconds, so I decided to take a look and here is what I got, take or leave it.

“Arcane, You have been shown a small glimpse of what is possible in order to encourage your continued focus, a confirmation that your progress has been noticed and you are supported.”

“It is time for some deep reflection on exactly what happened. Unlock what you are already capable of, yet do not have full conscious access to.”

In Toltec terms, recapitulate that shift and back.

Thanks for sharing.


Is that not the core BALG philosophy? Contact an entity in the third attention and let it move your AP for you? Don Juan said it’s a matter of preference, but I prefer to move it myself. I don’t see how becoming reliant on an outside entity to shift your AP leads to godhood.[/quote]

I think of evocation as a stepping stone. I align with your assessment of ‘reliance’ as a problem if it occurs. I see working with entities as a means of conceptualizing manifestations of power or change. Observing those changes through working with entities can open the doors for those (new to) new realities, to be comprehended and thus eventually embodied if they are desired, shifting what was only potential to actualization, within the capacities of an expanding identity. Becoming.

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Wow. I can’t believe I neglected to reply here. My apologies.

@The Cusp

Thank you for all the advice. I am using the sigil as the focal point for next time. I just need to keep working. I don’t have much to say, so I won’t say anything. I have been able to replicate it, and several other shifts.

Thank you for this as well. I needed that. I was also told there was entity behind the shift, that also wanted to catch my attention. Not entirely sure what that could be. An ally, mayhap? Will have to check. I haven’t gotten around to checking who/what that was.

From how i understand it, the shifting of the assemblage points means that your consciousness made a shift, i think the best way to describe it with a metaphor is by tuning in to other energetic frequenties.
From a rather ‘mental’ point of view, it effects our perception in certain ways.
systems like the Qliphoth, Qabalah, Tree of Wyrd etc are all maps that contain formula to shift the assemblage point in specific directions or at least that is how i understand it so far.

When your assemblage point is (maybe it isn’t the right way to put it in words) ‘active’ so to speak or shifting, you will feel it on or just under your right shoulder blade, as written in, i think it was The Art Of Dreaming.
In periods when i go to a transformation by results of my spiritual practice i feel it.
Mostly in times when the transformation itself is reshaping your perception or enhancing your abilities as a sorcerer.
Also while doing shamanic techniques like journying or riding a drum beat for example i can feel a small shift because of the effects the beat on a shamanic drum have.
From what i read, that you were all of a sudden on a different planet, i personally think this was a very radical shift. (maybe even in the third attention? I am still working towards a full understanding of the second attention, not just in theory but especially in theory AND practice)
I am not so far advanced in the workings of Carlos Castaneda yet to give a solid opinion on this but according to Don Juan in the works of Castenada, the Toltec sorcerers could shift their AP in the blink of an instance.


Hey! Basically, the main principle is that we all have an egg-like cocoon through which we interact with the different meta-structures of the universe. Through the force of alignment, certain emanations “light up”, whereas others are obscured. Like you said, you’re tuning into new frequencies wheneer it happens. So a better example would be as a torch -lighting specific emanations and leaving others are obscured. Since it is the point around which a whole world is assembled, it’s labelled as the assemblage point.

And unlike what Drey seems to be claiming, the shift doesn’t happen slowly over time, it shifts every time we go to sleep, take drugs, have a fever, or engage in deep meditation. The first step is stopping the world, which begins with not-doing (this is achieved by squinting into shadows, until there is a biological shift), and silencing internal dialogue (open-eyed void meditation, essentially), until one reaches a state of suspension, stopping the world. From said state, any intended position may be accessed, provided there is enough intent and personal power, both of which are cultivated by being impeccable.




Indeed, but the thing with Dray’s gnosis, about the shifting over time, i kinda have the same feeling about that way of looking at it whenever one is going through a transformation by and on his spiritual journey.
For example, doing for a specific time a working around something.
Let’s say a form of shadow work guided by an entity or a sphere working or so.
The alchemic process that triggers the transformation will shift the assemblage point, depending how the process it self, the speed etc will occur.
Just like you say the shift happends when taking drugs etc, the impact of the effect itself triggers the shifting of the assemblage point.
At least that is how i understand it so far.
Maybe i am wrong or within some time when more expirienced my understanding and gnosis will differ from now


Also the understanding of principles like ‘Second Attention’ and ‘Stopping the world’ , which in my current understanding can only be brought to words like the state that you perceive the energetic flow and current of the vast sea of energy we are into and what creates projections like ‘reality’, are as far as i see it the main key in shifitng the assemblage point in the direction we perceive the projection itself, wheter it is a dimension, shape of perception, a certain stream that flows like when a sphere is opened etc…

Sorry if my wording is abit vague but these are principles that aren’t easy to be put to words.


As far as replicating it though you have to understand the original environment that helped your assemblage point shift in the first place. Also remember that it is the inertia of the “habitual position” of the assemblage point is what keeps it from slipping. I am impressed that you already have the ability to shift so well. The fibers that pass through the assemblage point literally determine which reality that you experience. :sunglasses: