Aspiring Beginner

Hello everyone, been lurking a while and hopefully I can start to contribute to this forum with the little bit of knowledge and experience I have in the occult. So I’ve been working through the mastering evocation course and as of right now I’m trying to open the sigil of Sastan and Azazel. I have worked with the sigil of Sastan for about a week right now and even though I have not progressed to the point where I can communicate or see spiritual beings I feel like I’m making a bit of progress. As of Azazel I actually just started trying to open his sigil and I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep or if it is easier to connect with Azazel but I could almost see his sigil floating off of the paper before I unconsciously stop it before it completely activates. I could also feel something behind me which could have been Azazel or could be just me. So since working these excercise I’ve realized that I have fear of demons whether from too many late night movies or from the general consenses of demon’s I don’t know. My question however is should I just plow through, which is my initial plan, or is there something that I should do before I continue working with them?

Thank you for reading and I appreciate any input.

What you were feeling was definitely the entities, ignore your cognitive dissonance, ignore your fear, dive on in!

Welcome to the forum

I don’t have the evocation course yet, so I don’t know if this is covered in there, but from my experience if you evoke just a few entities over and over and develop a connection to them you will be able to see and hear them sooner than if you were to jump from one to the next to the next. Working with a handful repeatedly will not only make you more comfortable with them, but once you are in that comfort zone you can easily slip into the needed state to be able to see and hear them; once you get there and know what it feels like, it makes future evocations with other entities easier and smoother.

Thank you Soundwave, and andreeje for your advice.

Echoing what Soundwave and andreeje have to say. Very early on, you will get the impressions from entities, and if you are open to it, much more than that. This is good, this will keep you going.

As you get more advanced (note the “more”), you will get more from the experienced. I don’t consider myself advanced by any means, but certainly “more” advanced than merely a beginner. And by my impression, it is much easier to connect with entities that you have connected with before, and the calling is much quicker and more in-depth with practice. For certain entities, I don’t even have to try very hard to get ready to open their sigil - as I gaze at it, my mind gets in the right place, and the sigil begins to open.

If you call a hundred spirits once each, you will get a fraction of the connection you would get by calling one spirit ten times. Refine yourself with a few entities. Once the process is mastered, then you can call many entities if you so desire.

I too have an issue regarding fear. Any advice as to how to get rid of it?

If, for example, you’re afraid of demons, evoke something else. Angels, elementals, spirits, etc. Once you have moved forward through work and study, your fears should dissipate and you can continue your work with the aspects you previously feared.