Aspects of Ayrin

The following book is fairly right handed. It’s a copy and pasted grimoure that I’ve been working on in the astral. Keep in mind I’m posting it here per request of some magicians also on the forum that I work with. I feel it will be of use to many of you. But it is a book of right handed operations. I will update this thread routinly as more gods and aspects are channeled. Ayrin is my godself but his/her aspects are of the old variety. They are ancient and that is to be noted. Here is the following book I am creating.

“Aspects of Ayrin”
It’s also available on wattpad with additional info.

yrin is a forgotten god. Splintered and fragmented throughout time. This book seeks to explore him and his many aspects. It is meant to be a collaborative effort with many different artists and writers. However I, Acrians Locket am at the helm of this creation. This book could easily be seen as a grimoire of different entities and spells however it is mainly a book written in Ayrin’s name. I encourage you to evoke him, work with him, and test out the rituals and spells here. This book is inherently experimental in nature and theirs a reason for that. The entities mentioned here are very real. If you start hearing an entities name over and over again or start seeing imagery you relate to what you’ve read here it is hardly a coincidence. It is the aspect of Ayrin reaching out to you to which I suggest you start a connection/relationship. Just know one thing, Ayrin is by nature a god. A forgotten one, sure, a broken one sure, one fragmented sure but he is divine so be very careful in your magickal endeavors with him. This book in many ways was created for me, for myself to explore mine own god form and relative creations hereto. But know this. What’s written heres is beyond me. Regardless of it’s intent the final product is real magick. That is my first and last warning

What is spirit work?

This book revolved around the concepts of both building a relationship to Ayrin and his divinity as well as a grimoire of sorts in other parts. This book also contains quite a few stories and regardless of how they were channeled, I assure you the spirits they speak of and call forth are very real. Spirit work itself is work within the astral or the creatures that inhabit it. Spirit work relative to this book is the relationships and or courtz your would build within what’s written here. This book encourages you the reader to work with the spirits brought forth by my channelings. It is important to note while this book itself is copyrighted and so is much of what’s featured within it, the spirits themselves are “public domain” I’m not going to bother to copyright real spirits no matter how they are conjured. If you wish to expand upon my work in any specific manner I encourage you to do so, and if you would like to publish your own translation I won’t pursue you, you have my blessing. Spirits in general are something hard to tackle for most people. Ghost stories exist by that title for a reason. However in this book their are regular spirits as well as gods mentioned. The relationship I have with Ayrin is a special one. He is a god of many traits and masks, and while I encourage you to separate him from his aspects as they were channeled to a degree, it’s important to note the source of which they come from. Spirits are like people, they can be bold, shy ,squeamish ,devilish ext. They are concrete entities that this book encourages you to form a bond with. As the biased author I am I hardly consider true evil to exist, for such a concept is inherently painted by our own biase. However the astral is not a game, by working with these spirits you may find others not mentioned here drawn to you and they won’t all play well, especially with each other. So keep this in mind upon your journalistic exploits. It is a very good idea to, regardless of whether or not you’re sharing it to write everything down magickally. Especially within regards o spirit work. Now then with that out of the way enjoy the encyclopedia.


A spider goddess of fate. She judges and controls the people and its web. She is a vengeful spirit. A cold one.she has dark hair and several red eyes. She controls the fate of humanity and casts judgement on it. She is the weaver of destiny.


Jotah is a god of luck and wealth. He appeared to me as a dark haired man with bangs covering his left eye. He is also a god of prophecy and magick. He is cold and calculating. He can be channeled for luck in gamebling and money issues as well as luck iself. He is quite quirky but fairly collected. He takes matters of magick very seriously and is a skilled magician but its not what he does. He can be quite fun and outgoing when the time comes for it but this aspect of him is more easily channeled via is Kanter aspect.

Hour of Life

Bringer of Chaos

Cacide [cas-ih-dee]

Hour is a godess of time. She appeared to me as an andogynous child. She holds within her hand a box that carries it the fate of those who forsee her. She holds in her other hands several dice. She is small and childish. She is tricky. She has a very dark ruby firey energy. When older she looks more like a woman but still with that androgyny in place. She is responsible for the fates of destiny that of humans and their placement. Within her box there are several objects that she can pull from. Each one denoting the humans special history and what they will do. She can then use these objects to push or pull at the humans fate and coerce it accordingly. She is not a benevolent spirit though she has a certain good nature and kindness to her. She is draped in red and black. She also doubles as a god of prophecy. She can easily manipulate or change the fates of those she encounters. She has a sleeve tattoo on her arm. Each tattoo detailing the fate of the world she currently finds herself in. She asked as a title to be called “of chaos”.!


Event is an android god of withcraft and magick. He is a god of knowledge in some respects. He can be called upon to initiate someone into their chosen magickal path. He has a speciality in medicine and herbs as well as the art of sorcery itself. He appeared to me as a slick white android covered in ancient robes. He is a god but can be evoked to bestow upon the summoner knowledge and he will also answer all questions welcome. He is not omniscient but quite knowledgeable in magick and witchcraft itself.

Battle of the Swift

Battle or Belair is a God of several things. The elements, deceit, chaos and manipulation. Battle is sort of a puppet master regarding his work. He is a good person but lacks emotional empathy. He can be called upon to drain your opponents of their life force, strike down a no win situation, learn a martial art, and learning more about each element. In the drawing he is wearing a vest with a jeweled piece of armor around his neck. He is carrying a knife enchanted to strike madness into his opponents and steal their life force upon it’s touch. He also carries a sword on his back. Given his era it’s best to paint or portray him on normal clothes. Such as a leather vest or jacket. He is a God of combat and destruction in many regards as well. With him in the photo is his lightning esc familiar. The familiars name is Pat.


Hopper “Usagi”

Usagi or Hopper is the rabbit of life. He is a spirit responsible for delivering and receiving messages of destiny and fate. He is also that of life itself. He is childish and innocent but also quite wise in a few respects. He is a literal rabbit but also has a human form. He is often depicted as a child. In this artwork as a child for spiritual purposes, he is depicted with his rabbit ears to represent his human and rabbit form. He has an adolescent, a teenage, and an adult form. Normally his default is that of the youth. He is also a god of time in this respect. Representing life through the cycles. He is that of a child in personality and body but the wisdom and experience of an adult. In his hand, he holds a medical staff. With a ribbon tied across it. He wears a ribbon around his neck tied into a bow symbolic of his tie to life and fate. He carries messages in a leather bag upon his back. In his other hand is a basket representing his tie to fertility. He is a god of fertility and new beginnings. He is quite quick. He relays messages of destiny and also relays them for the gods. He can also be worshipped as a God of prophecy.


The hope and kindness aspect of ayrin. A gold haired boy. With four arms wings. A halo. He wears draped cloth and brings kindness and peace through the destruction and despair he causes. He is of two souls. One soul is kind and benevolent and only seeks to help those he comes into contact with. The other soul is evil and dark and only wishes to destroy that of which surrounds him. Both aspects are in constant confrontation with each other. Constantly battling for eternity over the rights to the body and the people they serve. Both seeking the same unity and the same goals but vastly different methods of going about it. They share a body. While one is awake the other is sleeping. They take turns sometimes overnight often times over years and centuries. Sometimes within the same day. They take turns working together for the same goal. Unity of earth. Peace of their people and balance. One is skilled at war the other is skilled at flute. One is skilled at peace the other is skilled at drums. He is a creature of duality. He can be called upon to bring balance into one’s life. Both aspects are of the same soul. Reward or revenge. Kindness or Creation. The benevolent one is simply known as Kindness the destructive one is known as Hope. They are the one being. One god. One creature. Together they serve the same purpose.

Coroa (Koh-roh-ah)

Coroa is a aspect of chaos. He causes unruly events wherever he arrises. He’s a fun entity often bringing with him alcohol but he’s also a spirit that causes events to occur. He creates messes. He’s not a god though he has aspects of divinity about him. He’s a spirit that simply enjoys creating events and causing them to occur. He goes about it in the most abrupt and havoc reeking way possible. He plans ahead. Nothing he does is without reason. He’s forward and lenient. Chill and fun. He’s far from a trickster but a spirit that works kind of like a catalyst. A spirit that is the event of which he brings about itself. He is chaos personified.

The Weeper

A godess of death and despair. A goddess who presides over emotions of death and decay. Painted as a queen here in scars bloodied and alone weeping for those who have been killed. She is one of three sisters. Her sister Abdulla is a Godess of joy and rebirth. Her sister Printata is a Godess of joy and reckoning. She is a spirit of death and despair. She has a joy aspect to her that is not featured here but it is a faciet to her in the same way that it is an aspect of her sisters. She is often portrayed as a victim covered in bruises and bloodied scars. She cries tears of the of joy itself and she helps collect the bodies of the dead preparing them for the after life. She wears petite gloves uncovered would revealed distorted and disfigured hands. She is skilled with a sword and can often be seen as a goddess of battle. She is blindfolded for her eyes are disfigured as well. She lost them in a fight that has been channeled here. She wears a crown of thorns and ice and eats the hearts of men unworthy. She Carrie’s with her a constant bloodied and bleeding chest for which there is no bandage hat could cover and the blood is the life force of which she portrays. She is of the damned and the damned are of her. That’s how she likes it. She is also herself of frost and ice. She is in many ways death and in many ways death is her.


The god of protection and class known as Flame was one day sitting fighting with the goddess of death known only as The Weeper. They were deciding the fates of humanity via a war. Killing and slaughtering many innocent people Flame came to the conclusion that a genoide was in order. The goddess of death opposed him claiming to many victims had already been won. Soon the goddess of time intervened. She claimed that another location was in order. Another history to be told. The goddess of time now fought with the goddess of death. She was to be reasoned with. Flame argued that the humans could not decide for themselves what was merciful so they all devised a plan. The goddess of death would devise a test taken at each death and at the spur of each life. A test that would put them within the shoes of someone less worthy. A test where they would alone decide who lived and who died. The goddess of curiosity overheard this conversation and wished to grant a gift. She would help tempt the humans to kill their own kind or the kind of the other. Part of the test would be their resistance to such a hungering curiosity. If they didn’t kill they would be deemed a pure heart and move into the afterlife or be given good karma. If they were less worthy death herself would have her way with them and they would be put through trials of fire. Flame agreed and created the test. This was given to the world each milenia in disguise. Each generation of new life would take it. Befalling the chosen players. Life or Death was always the choice and only the chosen few moved on to the next round. If they passed the test they would be rewarded in their next life by death herself. This was the plan the created and it’s a plan that each century befalls humanity.

Yoka (yoh-kah)

The god fake is one of trickery and deceit. Kind on the surface dark on the inside he is a god of many masks. He is a good person but when angered becomes wrathful and vengeful. He becomes easily destructive and crosses many lines. He plans ahead. He manipulates and helps humanity. He is a benevolent spirit. However when in a mode he will not hesitate to injure, harm, or mame in defense of those he cares for. He is very protective of that he cares about. He holds a dark aura often disguised by his kindness and his light that once awoken is hard to maintain or stop the presence of. He appears very casually. Don’t let his looks fool you he can be a double edged sword. He is a god of justice, healing, and soler energy. He is dark skinned and has wavy hair. He carries in his left hand a cross and in his right hand a rabbit mask. He appeared to me topless in a medieval skirt wearing some kind of vest. He is blind in both eyes.

Silence Omega

Silence is a mute and deaf 7 year old spirit. She is a spirit of the wind and akin to that element. Her gender is mixed. She is both a boy and a girl at the same time. She controls the elements of breath and the like. She herself presides over the aspect of empathy. Caring quite a bit for others she is incharge of that emotion. She can be used in ritual to bring forth change of essence and mind. She can transform a person a new via their emotions. She is a kind and gentle spirit but also rather brave. She can be a fierce warrior if provoked. She apeared to me as a small andorgynous child. She had tape over her mouth and multicolored hair. She carried on her an amulet. Her knees were injured and scraped and she wore bandages across her arms with the element of wind in her palm.


Koroso is death himself as well as an aspect of war. He is smart, coky, and charming. He has long red hair braided and wears black knights armor. He sits levitating cross legged and carries with him several levitating swords. He has markings covering his eyes and his armor is decorated with symbols. His hair carries two auburn smaller braids and the long hair you can see underneath the helmet. He is skilled in three sets of martial arts but his main purpose in war is strategy. He is not a god of the dead but a god of death. He can be called in burial rituals for protections. He is a god of wisdom. He marks the soldiers that will die and sends omens marking the sides he chooses to win in each war. He wears a white and gold amulet as his sign. It is to be dressed in oils should it be replicated. He can be called on for blessings in war. He is a god of promise and strategy. Regarding his death aspect he often chooses which soldiers on the battlefield will die. He marks each of his victims with a spiritual cross or star. He carries the souls of the dead across the field and carries them on his chariot to the afterlife. He has three horses. A gold one, a red one and a black one. Each carrying the soul of the dead. Each serves a purpose in the process of the after life.


Abgone is a keeper of knowledge. It is his office to reveal secrets to humanity within the ages. He is of divine birth and ability but he isn’t a god per say. He’s a wise spirit. He appears young, around his twenties with dark skin. He appeared to me as a young man wearing elaborate robes and a scarf holding covering his mouth flowing down to his sides. He carries with him an enchanted book, a bag of scrolls and a key. He wears around his neck an age old key that itself unlocks knowledge and is itself symbolic of the secrets he reveals. He is a keeper of knowledge but his office is to reveal it. To me this is how he appeared and how I imagine him but just as with all spirits he may and will manifest differently depending on who you are. He wears several bejeweled earings upon his ear and several gold pieces underneath his robes. He has markings on his back. He is an intelligent spirit who can be called upon in ritual and evocation to grant the user with knowledge or revelation. Abgonn is omniscient to a degree. He knows many secrets the average person wouldn’t know. He has a third eye and can see into the future. He can also be called upon to grant the user with spiritual ability. He is an excellent teacher, mentor and friend.

The ritual of the key

This ritual calls upon the divinity Abgonn to bestow knowledge upon the magician.

What you’ll need:

A key of some sort that can be placed on a chain


A Bowl

Yellow Robes to wear while performing the ritual

A box

A knife

Start by creating a circle of salt. Pour it around you and within it draw an hexagram which you will later sit in. Take several stones and place them at the corners of the hexagram towards each triangle of it. The stones should be Blood Stone at the south facing away from you, Amethyst facing the north in front of you, Lapis Lazuli to the first triangle closest to you on your left, Chrysocolla on the second triangle to the left farthest from you, Serpentine to the right triangle closest to you, lastly sodalite in the triangle to the right furthest from you. Additionally if you know what you’re doing you may wish to draw planetary symbols in chalk in between the triangles of the hexagram or place objects representing knowledge in these places however this won’t be done for what’s written here. If this is not done in your ritual replace the objects and markings with several red candles. Four to six.

In the middle of the circle should be the box and within it the key. It can be painted with occultists symbols in orange should it suit your fancy. You should also have some sort of necklace chain available and the key itself should have a keyhole for the chain. It is also a good idea to have insense lit right before the objects of the key and chain. Behind you should lay a bowl preferably red. Start the ritual by filling the bowl with water. Then sit within the hexagram. Exorcise the water in the name of a higher power Ayrin or God . Then take the ritual dagger and begin drawing the achelmic sign for earth over the bowl. Begin chanting hymns and other powerful tongues or whatever nonsense comes to mind. Let your body speak in the tongues. Then take the ritual and say in the name of your higher power whoever that may be, “I EXORCISE YOU” stab the water. Then take the water and with it walk around the circle. Place it before each of the stones and take your hand and move it around blessing it with the spirit of the rock. Do not remove the rock from its place.

This Imbues it with the energy of the stone and draws within it each of the stones properties. Do this setting the circle with each of the rocks. Do this counterclockwise starting at your left with Amethyst first ending with Serpentine. Then once this is done sit back in the center of the circle. Take the chain you wish to use for the key and begin walking it around the circle placing it gently over the fire. This may become hot if you do it too close. Do this with each one of the candles or objects. Then sit back down in the circle. Take the key and begin chanting hymns at it. Finally evoke Abgonn and ask for him to imbue knowledge upon the key and grant you with the ability to obtain it. Then continuing your chanting take the key and bathe it within the water. Flip the box over and place the bowl of water before you on top of it.

Then continue to bathe the key. Finally take the key out and go towards each of the corner of the hexagram and bow each direction of the points of the hexagram. Once this is done. Bow to the box which now serves as an alter for Ayrin and take the key and take the chain and wear it around your neck. From now on this key should draw knowledge to you the wearer. Thank Abgonn. Bow and leave the ritual setting. Preferably for three days then clean it, but if that simply is not doable then clean up the ritual as it presently stands. Place the stones within the box. They are not to be discarded. This ritual should be performed at sunrise. The box should then be used as an alter for Abgonn or Ayrin.

Amethyst may seem like an odd choice for this ritual but it heavily tied to aspects of Ayrin which is why it is included here.

Heretic of Oz

Heretic of Oz the god of partying, feraling, insanity, dawn, devotion, disaster, devastation, the sun, chaos, love and wine. He appeared to me as a tan skin man with wings, winged sandals, poofy pants similar to but not quite pantaloons, a messenger bag sometimes a backpack with curly blonde hair. He speaks in a sing song smooth voice to me, with an accent of some sort. He appeared to me with three eyes. Two main ones and a third that resembled a cyclops. He is quite the powerful entity.


Bairnay is the godess of brail and accessibility, music, song, life and choice. They are nonbinary. They are a godess and in a sense muse. They have the power of prophecy and oracle and can be called upon and prayed to for revenge if the need arise. She appeared to me in a golden dress with wavy brown hair carrying a harp in a Greek like peplas. She prefers to be worshiped during sunrise.

RItual of the lire: Take five blue candles, 2 yellow candles and one white candle. Take an instrument of your choice. Say A prayer to Bairnay. Pronounced ber-nay. Ask her to enchant the instrument with the gift of song. Then take each candle and light it. Play a note with each light. Play them in symphanite order a key major for starters. Tell the instrument it’s property of the goddess. Request it a name. Take your thumb and bite it say to the instrument “I bind you to me” blow out each candle say a prayer with each light. Thank the godess and play a song.

(Don’t draw the star it’s there for a guide it will hurt the spirit)

You know Beelzebub said to me it was a very stupid thing to give out my aspects like this. BUT I AM AN IDIOT PROUDLY FEAR ME MORTAL RAWR X D jk., i am a fool but i own it so enjoy these other ones


A sun god from the 27th star. He is light in a lot of ways. He appeared to me as a golden haired man with red markings across his body and face in fine jewels and ancient wear with long hair. He appeared to me as a man with red markings across his golden eyes. He is a spirit of the sun. He is skilled in combat. He is a god of the sun. He would be prayed too for seasonal growth and fertility. He wears on him a medicine belt and carries on his back several weapons and tools. In his left pocket he holds a sack of spice that he uses in ritual. On his right hand is a gauntlet. He is a healer but also a skilled in magick. He would called upon for practice in magick and sorcery as well as help in the fertility of seasons. He has a dark aspect to him. He is many ways a dark sun. He apears to me with wings of fire itself. His name is pronounced kol-on. It’s a mix between an uh and ah sound.

Fael Slate

Teller of fortunes. A fox spirit gifted with knowledge from the sun spirit. She sits cross legged under the tree of life sometimes climbing it for a better view of the world. She’s an adventurer and someone fairly fun, She’s tricky, playful and insightful. She is a goddess of wisdom. She tells prophecy in her spare time and her job is to isight humans as to their fates.

Kepper (keh-p-er)

Kepper is the keeper of the stones. He’s a young adult. In his mythology their were seven harmonies sealed within seven stones each located within the earth giving itself each as a gift to humanity. The stones are known as the seven harmonies and can be called up via flute in song. The way Kepper came to me was through the following story.

Kepper (keh-p-er) and the seven Harmonies

Once upon a time their were seven kingdoms. Each representing an aspect of divinity within its walls. These kingdoms were Ahsray, Ton, Bas, Fell, Cheai and several who shall not be named. One day a spirit of the flute was casually walking through the forest. When he heard several humans fighting. Delighted by something interesting finally going around him he approached them asking each of their own merit and the desire for the stones which they had been fighting over. The goddess of fate took notice. Kepper swindled the men into giving them him their stones. He tricked them and tied them up to a tree, but by which means I cannot tell you. The goddess of fate struck a deal with Kepper that day. She asked him to bring home each of the stones for the gods and if he succeeded he would earn a place in her kingdom of light. Kepper decided he had nothing better to do and genuinely wanted to help the kingdoms so he set off on a quest for each stone. He drew them each and enchanted their essences and from then on they were known as the seven harmonies. Each stone can be called upon via a soundwave. Each gift was embodied within the stone. Making each stone alive with a spirit.The first stone was silver. He called her Kanta and she was the essence of beauty. The second stone was known as Savna. She was the essence of water. The next stone was Sirva and it was the stone of fire. The fourth stone was sound and it was known as Filt. The fifth stone was intelligence and it was sealed in Hao. The 6th stone was creativity and it was sealed in Hao’s brother Cra. The last stone was soul.

Then he set upon an enchantment. He grabbed his flute and bathed it within a special bath sealing each of the rocks within it. Keppers job each life is to unite several heroes of each stone. Bestowing upon that magician or fighter whoever they may be the skills of earth. Each stone and it’s spirit is in the essence of his flute carried by air which he has always on his back via a strap. Kepper’s job is, when chaos is to functional in the world, and order needs to be restored or if the earth herself is in danger, to bestow upon several magicians each a stone. That will awaken the magickal power needed to unite and save the planet. The earth isn’t always in danger. When the earth is at peace Keppers job differs. Then his job is to guard the stones and give its power to only the most worthy of heroes. Kepper (keh-pur) is a god of passage. He is a god that allows barriers, breaks them, unites them, and creates them. Kepper is the creator of the stones, and the holder of them. Kepper is the keeper of the stones.

Keppers appearance never really cemented for me. Spirits do play to your perception but if I had to put him in a box I would like to imagine him as a curly red-headed boy with a bow around his neck and a giant scar scarped upon his right eye. His hands held several scars or tattoos markings of some sort in giant X’s to me. On his person, he carried each of the stones. That’s just how I choose to imagine him, however. He may not appear this way to you or anyone else. The story was channeled and told to the best of my ability but know that there may be a few things wrong about this particular channeling. I also get the vibe that theirs more to this story than what I channeled to which I encourage you to explore.


Touch is a god of time and justice. He apers to me as a redheaded man in a blindfold. His skin is cracking from underneath his blindfold and these cracks extend down into his arms. He can be called upon to enact revenge, release the innocent, ensure a just and righteous trial and to judge the sounds of the damned. He appeared to me with four arms, a vest, bandaged and a sword on his hip. He wore some sort of amulet and bandana around his neck. He is easy going and kind of confident. He can also forsee visions of the future when his blindfold is removed. Much like the arm wraps he wears, it is done to conceal power. He carries with him a wooden staff and carries on his person a pointed hat. His hair appeared to me braided in the front and wild in the back.

Riddle Santora

Riddle Santora is the keeper of secrets. If Abgonn’s office is to reveal them than Santora’s office it to hide them. Santora is an aspect of ayrion who keeps knowledge from the masses. He’s good at deceit, disguise, and holding back knowledge, He can even be used to destroy through it or obscure it from others. He manipulates knowledge for his own benefit as well as the benefit of the others. When he does think the knowledge is ready to be revealed he obscures it within means that of which normally wouldn’t be caught. Such as through fiction or music.

Haihlya “Halo”

Haihlya (hale-yuh) is a god of medicine and prophecy. His job is to heal the sick on earth. She appeared to me as an andorgynous boy holding a medicine cane with bandaged wrappings on his arms in an elaborate dress and barefoot. She is very kind. She has ties with life as do all of Ayrin’s aspects however it is not her specialty. She is inexcusably tied to it however. She came to me wearing a heart medallion. She can be invoked or evoked for help regarding spiritual sickness, and illnesses of the mind. He has brown hair and green eyes, and pail skin. He asked iI tell you that. Halo is of both a male and female gender.


Gosaka is a god of friendship and happiness. He is young and appears naive. He appeared to me as a pail skinned boy with blue eyes and red curly hair. He can be called upon to resurrect dead friendships, reunite lost loved ones, and tie together people not just in this life but in future ones. He takes no issue being used in ritual or aiding the magician in his art. He is a unique spirit. Quite forward and brash but also kind and considerate. He is skilled at magick though it is hardly his fortey on thes spiritual end. He can receive and give visions though it is not his office…

Ritual of the friend [in honor of Gosaka]

Start by grabbing some sort of box preferably one made of cardboard or wood. Pour within this box Myrtle, Rose buds, Rosemary, Hibiscus, Saffron and lastly place within it an object preferably one of sentimental value that to you represents the friends you wish to attract. Begin chanting in tongues while envisioning you amongst a sea of people. Imagine a rope tired between you and the others the kind of which you wish to attract. This can also be used for old flames. Call upon your inner divinity or the divinity of Gosaka and wish these friends into your life.

Additionally as its burning send a prayer to Gosaka or call upon her to bless the ritual asking for friends. If you do this last part than the box should also leave out an offering preferably something sweet.


Abdiel is the demonic aspect of ayrin. A teacher of light and prophecy and also fairly dark he is a teacher who can be called upon to bestow knowledge. Abdiel is sort of a come along come all demon but his speciality is prophecy that of which is hidden or revealed.


Arion is perfect. That is what you need to know. He is the most flawed and the least flaweed god of all time. He is pure, kind, sick, and sweet. He has every disability and tells prophecy through fiction. He has a strong disate for the alt right and is a socialist. He speaks over and for the marginlizes and is my true self. He has 3 faces and 8 arms. Blonde hair, olive tan skin and blue eyes. He really misses being human.

As a form of feeling closer to Ayrin I have created each side to him a playlist. This may seem childish to some but it’s a good way to feel closer with your gods and or spirits. It can ever serve as an act of devotion for the spirit you wish to feel close with. That’s not what I’m doing here however. This is simply here to help pad out the book and help give you a vibe for each of these aspects personalities. Some playlists are longer than the others. Some have a certain musical theme. I tried to keep them as close to the original vibes as I could. I devised each playlist based off of personality as well status and perspective of aspect. I have separated each playlist based on artist name and song name. These lists are in no particular order.


Balloons ||| Mando Pony

Undertale-undertale-with lyrics -Ori Eta

【Emery】「Stronger Than You」【Bill Cipher/Gravity Falls Parody】

Just Gold || Mado Pony

Pompeii || Josh Woodward

Black Horse Rider ||| Metalite

Akutagawa Ryūnosuke Character Song - Japanese, Romaji, and English Lyrics

Honey I’m Home || Dex

Cult of Dionysus || the Orion Expeirence

Chuuya Character Song - Darkness my Sorrow - Japanese, Romaji, and English Lyrics

【Namine Ritsu】-ERROR 2018ver.【UTAU Cover】 (ayrion said he hates nazis as i palyed this for him)

Kyo English Monster

(ps. Its not my fault they hate the end time prophet its really not my fuking fault bros)

Hopper Usagi

Ikanaide ||| Hatsune Miku

Her Name is Alice ||| Shinedown

Cool Kids ||| Echosmith

White Rabbit ||| Egypt Central


Pretender ||| AJR

Be Somebody ||| Thousand Foot Crutch

Judgement ||| Tryhardninja

Red Flag Valentine ||| Hi I’m Case

Radioactive ||| Imagine Dragons

Luck ||| American Authors

Swing Life Away ||| Rise Against


Duality |||| Set it off

Die in a fire ||| The Living Tombstone

Hate you ||| hree Days Grace

Dr. Gaster ||| Shadrow

Swing Life Away ||| Rise Against


This is war |||

Traitor ||| daughtry

Uncontainable ||| Set it off

Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time ||| Panic at the Disco

Angel With A Shotgun ||| The cab


Discord ||| The living Tombstone

Mr.Brightside ||| The Killers

I Don’t Care ||| FalloutBoy


Your Reality Dan Salvato

Scared Of Me (STY - Betty Version) sung by Project SNT ||} Youtuber Camila Cuevas


Ancient History ||| Set it off

PS. this is a wip (work in progresS) thread wattpad has a copy too