Aspects/Faces/Masks of King Paimon


I don’t know about that with Thoth, but I do know that I always was attracted to Thoth.


It is really deep! I feel like these deities are connected, though they are not the same entity–see what I mean? King Paimon, Hermes, Thoth are brothers; in fact during one channeling session I had with King Paimon, He called Eshu His brother. Hermes is the Greek ‘face’ of Eshu and Eleggua, which is His African face.
Orisha Inle is known as a Warrior who hunts on land and in sea, and Inle is considered the brother to Eshu/Eleggua, Ogun, and Ochosi who are all Warriors.
There is something to all of this. Each deity is so wondrous and unique that of course there are various aspects and faces of each, which each remains intact as a singular God. (am I making sense?) I tried to upload an image of an Inle statue… Notice the entwined snakes


Here are the ‘tools’ of Orisha Inle–They are received when an initiate receives Orisha Inle; this is consecrated at reception.Herramientas-De-Inle-Baba-Erinle-Orisha-Eyinle-Juego-_1


I have seen that statue before, probably somewhere online.

Well, I understand what you’re saying. That’s really interesting!


However, I found indications online, that Eshu and Hermes, aren’t the same being. Don’t forget that having the same traits, doesn’t make two beings the same.

However, it seems that Eshu is actually working with Hermes, or something like that. As well as with Lucifer, etc.
There are some spirits, that work with him, due to his abilities and his domain.

The medical symbol though, that Inle has, is the one that Hermes has. It kinda makes sense if you think about the healing powers they have. I need to think about it further and perhaps do some research when I have some time!


Exactly, they aren’t the same being-but they share traits, etc and I feel work together.
I’m a Palera (Palo-Mayombe) and there is a spirit called LUCERO and Lucero is the Palo-Mayombe equivalent to Eshu I always thought it interesting the name Lucero.


I’ll call him King Paimon from now on, thanks!


He’s not Thoth but he’s related to that energy. King Paimon is also a scribe


Yes, I know that. But they do have some connection at the very least.


@Kassapu what is a scribe ? A writer ? I think I had successful communication with him/her today. :slight_smile:


Yeah, you could say a writer. Also, congrats on your experience.


Thanks it was interesting. I asked he or she, and the answer was she. So it’s a bit confusing. I think Paimon is usually described as a man ? To me the energy was more feminine than masculine. I can be wrong though.


He has both sides. All spirits do.


Yes, Human Beings also have both sides too~☆ as we are Beautiful Creatures of Matter, Form, Energetic Vibration & Spiritual Light.
We Are Gods as well on a different side of the same Ancestrial GodHead Spectrum. thts why we are drawn/pulled in2 wht we Adore. however… I :black_heart: 2learn &
nice thread