Asmodi Asmodeus Asmodai GOM

Hey guys, just a question for anyone who has used Demons of Magick and Lucifer and the hidden Demons, I’m trying to figure out if Asmodi in Lucifer and the hidden demons is the same Asmodeus/Asmodai in the Demons of magick book. The reason I want to know is because these books have different listed powers and I was going to mix and match if it turned out they where the same spirit.

Thank you in advance wise ones.

Ok Never mind I’ve been able to answer this myself, Asmodi from Lucifer and the hidden Demons is indeed the same Asmodeus from the Goetia and Demons of Magick. I hope this clears things up for anyone with a similar question.


Hey. Curious to know your experiences/results with Lucifer and the hidden demons. Bought it a few months ago and was actually planning on trying it out today. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I’ve read from a few other users on here, that there is a bit of sketchy paranormal activity lingering around after the pathworkings with that book.
I’m still new to magick, and have been using Demons of Magick, with a fair amount of results, altough they have stopped as of lately. Looking to try something else out, or even just the simple sigil gazing method.

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hey I have only started with it so I haven’t seen results yet, although I was using it on someone I do not have contact with so it may take a long time to see. Same with Demons of Magick I haven’t been using these books for very long, I trust that it works but the particular things I’ve asked for may take some time to find out about.

As for paranormal activity I have not experienced this with Lucifer and the hidden demons, I do feel the energy though from the simple pathworking, I actually had a paranormal experience when using demons of magick but it was not a scary experience.

I’d love to know about some of your results with demons of magick if you’d like to pm me?

Thanks for the reply, I’ll go ahead and give the “Lucifer and the hidden demons” method a shot!

I’d like to PM you and share experiences, but unfortunately my profile isn’t capable of sending PMs just yet, my account is still quite new. Unless you’re able to send me a PM?