Asmodi and Magick Mushrooms

ate magic mushrooms last nite, was planning to do some Goetia rituals but the dose was too strong to do anything but lie on the floor for 6 hours, since i started I noticed a presence, a male presence watching me, then when it became too intense I asked this presence who he was and why he showed up if I wasn’t calling anyone yet, then he reminded me I was invoking him a few weeks ago using the pathworking on Lucifer and the hidden demons book, he was Asmodi, he has been with me since then and probably since ever, he confirmed his name, was a nice dressed gentlemen, a true king, and thenhe showed me why I wasn’t getting what I wanted and what I needed to do to get it, I learned the meaning of the word Dignity.
when I listened him and acknowledged his message he departed and left me with the most peaceful silence and a warm soft feeling, lovely extreme experience


He is a tough guy in every sense of the word. harsh and brash to the ones that he doesn’t like, extremely soothing to the ones he does. Glad you had a positive experience!


did you get any results from lucifer and the hidden demons?

Yes , most of the time